Empty Gestures

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is the first 2020 presidential candidate to call for Donald Trump’s impeachment as a result of the findings in the redacted Mueller Report released yesterday.

Oh, Lordy. It’s obvious she would have called for impeachment even if the report said “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…”

I’m so tired of the politics of empty gestures. And yes, Trump absolutely started it first, and second, and third. What a relief to know we are trying to be just like him.


3 thoughts on “Empty Gestures”

  1. Was reading a nice interview with “Édouard Husson on the gilets jaunes, liberal authoritarianism and the EU”and this bit reminded me of somebody or rather of two somebodies at least :

    “It was in his New Year’s speech that Macron started insulting the yellow vests as a ‘hateful mob’ and as ‘anti-Semites’. A few days later, he started spreading the idea that the Russians or fake news were behind the yellow vests.”


    “There have been thousands of ‘preventative’ arrests. The government is trying to limit the right to demonstrate, passing laws against ‘hooligans’ that are targeted at the yellow vests. And it is introducing laws against ‘fake news’. Twitter banned the account of Didier Maisto, the president of Sud Radio, for supporting the gilets jaunes. It was obvious that this was agreed with the government. ”



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