How to Kill a School

A great link on how to turn a “once-vibrant academic institution with a $1.1 billion endowment and a national reputation in core liberal arts subjects into a glorified trade school with a social-justice agenda.”

A couple of sleek preachers who are well-versed in psycho-babble, a propitious moment when scammers of this sort are in demand, a vogue for self-pity, austerity measures masked by SJW sloganeering, and the transformation is complete.


7 thoughts on “How to Kill a School”

  1. “‘Some of you have noticed dogs, horses, and other mammals in class’ begins a recent email from an associate dean; new university policy requires that we accommodate these “emotional support” animals in our classrooms.”

    University policy now requires teachers to allow support horses in their classrooms??



    1. The next step, the school will have to buy and house horses, penguins and elephants that are needed for emotional support.

      And we will all hand-wring about the plummeting state support that’s making tuitions grow.


  2. Another iron law: Once an academic institution detours from seeking knowledge for it’s own sake and modifies its mission to prioritize economic or political goals…. it’s doomed.

    Universities have no business micro-managing students’ emotional or social lives or political views.


  3. I wanted to ask whether the problem of homelessness is worse in America than in Ukraine, for instance. Have been reading a series of posts which could be titled “How to Kill a City” (two links below but I quoted the most important parts) and remembering our discussions how new market states may base their legitimacy on providing security via entended police/army apparatus. Which security and for whom? Those posts made me understand why people move into suburbs and then into gated communities, something that I kind of missed before because of strong association of cities with old cultural Europe and economic centers the way it is in Israel too.

    Quotes and Links:

    // Washington State legislators might soon legalize homeless encampments on streets, sidewalks, and parks.

    Survival-crime theory has been percolating through academic journals since the late 1980s. In a widely circulated paper, Rankin argues that the “intersectionality of poverty and homelessness” forces marginalized individuals to commit crimes to ensure their basic survival; therefore, state and local governments should abolish prohibitions against public camping, drug consumption, and low-level property crime.

    Homelessness and drug addiction are ravaging Seattle, Washington’s largest city. More than 400 illegal encampments now exist within the city limits.

    The legislation would perpetuate the suffering of addicts and the mentally ill, who constitute more than 80 percent of the street population. The solution to the city’s homelessness crisis is to remove the incentives to live outdoors, let police officers enforce the law, and empower social workers and outreach teams to help the most vulnerable get off the streets, into treatment and housing, and on the path to self-sufficiency.

    As Gregerson has noted, California, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are all considering similar legislation.


    // Seattle’s Revolt of the Elites
    With residents fed up by the homelessness crisis, city leaders and their allies coordinate a PR campaign to convince them that everything is fine.

    A quarter-century ago, social critic Christopher Lasch observed the beginnings of this kind of phenomenon, arguing that America’s political and cultural elites were starting to revolt against the people. While during Lasch’s time this elite contempt was directed against “middle America”—an early iteration of today’s “deplorables”—coastal progressivism has now reached the point that the new elites have gone into revolt against themselves. In Seattle, the emerging activist class—billionaire philanthropists, multimillionaire politicians, and likeminded commentators in academia and prestige media—has begun an information offensive against the liberal, wealthy, educated residents of a city that gave Hillary Clinton 92 percent of its votes. Scolding the public to be more “compassionate,” this new hyper-elite has shown only contempt for middle-class residents in Seattle’s hardest-hit neighborhoods.


    1. No, it’s not worse than in Ukraine. :-)))

      In Ukraine you can see homeless toddlers who are run by pimps and who offer sex services in bus and train stations. I’ve seen this and believe me, it’s absolutely the worst thing you can see.

      In Seattle, yes, you see the homeless, and there are the ridiculous municipal structures that feed the problem, but these are all adults. There’s no comparison.


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