Our history department just announced that Latin America is now listed under “non-Western cultures.” Of course, we never asked any Latin Americans how they feel about this idea. We also haven’t heard any explanations on how the words “Latin” and “America” are non-Western.

7 thoughts on “Non-Western”

  1. Warren is calling for Trump to be impeached. Completely out of the running for my vote now, as is any other moron who wants to help Trump get elected to a second term.


  2. I have yet to read the redacted Mueller Report. It is my right as a consumer and an American to see the whole damn thing. If 20 years ago the Starr Report was sitting on stacks in Border’s so everyone could read badly produced government porn, we should all get to read this Tom Clancy reject without the intervening political wankery.

    If this isn’t torrented on some site like the Pirate Bay, imminently, I will be quite disappointed in all of the 1337 hackers and people hoping to catch GoT nipples for free.


  3. Our history department just announced that Latin America is now listed under “non-Western cultures.
    If Western is just a synonym for “European” then it makes sense.
    But otherwise I can feel criollos and castizos through the centuries shrieking in indignation.

    The US: definitely “nonwestern.”


  4. “non-Western cultures”

    It’s very simple, in the current academic climate ‘western’ is a synonym for ‘bad’ (like ‘white’) and ‘non-western’ is a synonym for ‘noble but oppressed and worthy of study’…
    How are Spain and Russia classified?


    1. I thought everything* revolved around how close/far the culture was from Anglo culture. I don’t think that’s really changed in the last 20 years.

      In America. I’m guessing the French classify everything and everyone on how far/close they are to French culture?


      1. This is precisely what drives the Hispanic or the Ukrainian or the Russian speakers nuts. The equation of Western with Anglo that obeys absolutely nothing but the cultural hegemony of 2 seconds ago. Originally, as somebody said, it was all about the Greco-Roman world that adopted Christianity. Anglo-Saxons were unwilling latecomers to this culture. And the Hispanic people were it’s most aggressive exporters. And now Spanish-speakers have lost the cultural hegemony, the Italians lost it, and so did the French. And all of a sudden the Anglos are guarding the entrance to the club.

        That would be fine if only the Anglos didn’t forget to value it. For them, Western is an insult. But instead of ceding it to those who’d value it, they just try to destroy it single-handedly.


  5. One of the professors who taught Western Humanities always started the semester by asking what “Western” means. And then they read texts other than the traditional (Greco-Roman European) Western Humanities texts. I think it’s less a geography thing and more the Greco-Roman European distinction. Latin America doesn’t have as many Greco-Roman influences (according to their logic), and so therefore must be nonwestern.


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