Charlize Theron says her son was 3 when he realized he was a girl, so now she’s raising him as one.

My daughter is also 3 and she told me today that’s she’s a kitty puppy rainbow unicorn. I have decided not to raise her as one because I’m not a dumb self-promoting idiot who treats children as accessories.


In case people don’t get it, I write so much about guest speakers being deplatformed at expensive, rich schools because I’m green with envy. We lost funding for guest speakers a decade ago, and it’s never coming back.

We do what we can to try to lure people to campus on their own dime. Every several years, we are even successful. Our students are so excited about every stray guest speaker that does find a way to our campus. We are like a starving person looking at a millionaire who tosses delicacies into a trash bin.

I often think that, as with any form of consumerism, throwing away is the whole point. These rich kids are throwing away knowledge because they can. There’s no negative consequence to doing it. To the contrary, it’s a mark of belonging to the elites.

Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have money for guest speakers. We might adopt this persona of spoiled consumers, too.

The Unusual Challenge This Week

I’ve done a bunch of unusual stuff but the most memorable thing was that I talked to a woman at the playground. It was a very normal, easy conversation that cost me zero effort. And guess what? The woman wasn’t an immigrant and didn’t speak a word of Spanish. She was very American. But she wasn’t from here. And that’s why it was possible to have a very normal conversation that didn’t feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. She had zero trouble understanding my accent either.

This made me sad because I’m very tired of living in this land of socially challenged folks. Nowhere else I’ve been in the country is like this. Why I had to end up here is a mystery.