In case people don’t get it, I write so much about guest speakers being deplatformed at expensive, rich schools because I’m green with envy. We lost funding for guest speakers a decade ago, and it’s never coming back.

We do what we can to try to lure people to campus on their own dime. Every several years, we are even successful. Our students are so excited about every stray guest speaker that does find a way to our campus. We are like a starving person looking at a millionaire who tosses delicacies into a trash bin.

I often think that, as with any form of consumerism, throwing away is the whole point. These rich kids are throwing away knowledge because they can. There’s no negative consequence to doing it. To the contrary, it’s a mark of belonging to the elites.

Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have money for guest speakers. We might adopt this persona of spoiled consumers, too.

12 thoughts on “Envy”

      1. “Bush lied” was a mega loser, that’s true. And so was “Obama lied.” But here there is an undercurrent of Trump’s base being extremely disappointed by all the failed promises.


        1. ” there is an undercurrent of Trump’s base being extremely disappointed by all the failed promises”

          True, but IINM Trump never used the “I’ll fight for you” rhetoric (aka voter repellent) it was I’ll make America great (and you’ll be able to be successful on your own).


          1. It’s the lies immigration that are going to destroy him. This was the signature issue and he got absolutely nothing done. It’s gotten worse and Jared will make the whole thing into an absolute disaster.


            1. “It’s the lies immigration that are going to destroy him”

              To be fair (which I don’t like cause I don’t like him) I think he was originally sincere in wanting to limit immigration and just had no idea how many different power factions want open borders (and how much they’ll make everyone suffer to achieve it).
              Jared is just a nightmare (in that he represents the open border supporters) and and needs to be kept 50 miles away from Trump….


              1. People are not stupid. They are seeing that this is becoming an open-borders administration. Problem is, we are seeing how unhinged the persecution becomes of anybody who opposes globalization even just rhetorically. I don’t know how anybody will be able to do anything real about it.


      1. He should probably wait until after the primary for that one (while at the same time not shying away from his stance on the issue, or caving to appeal to loonies who will never vote for him anyway.) I think he’s striking a good balance right now, based on his open borders comments and what I’ve heard about his Fox townhall.


  1. I don’t know about what others do, but I am happy to go to schools that are within driving distance on my own dime. Give a talk, meet students and faculty, eat lunch with new folks — always invigorating and basically costs a lunch and some gas money.


  2. Concordia is a lot of things, but expensive it is not. It is a public university in the Republique Socialiste du Quebec. 🙂


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