This is 100% how I feel:

See, this is why I find Donald Trump — lying, unstable, barely competent Donald Trump — to be less of a threat than I find the kind of progressive elites who hate him. He has the presidency, which is a powerful thing to have. But they control Silicon Valley. They command the US economy. They control major American institutions, including higher education and the media. And they trust in their own goodness.

No, actually, it’s not 100%. I think Trump isn’t “less of a threat.” He’s no threat at all. He’s utterly impotent to put any obstacle in the way of globalization and the soft totalitarianism it imposes. There’s absolutely nothing he can do because he has no control over the ideological apparatus that brainwashes people into accepting the dogma of fluidity.

The reason why we hear so much that he’s a unique threat is because that’s how the real threat hides from view. All of these stories about “fascistic Trump” are meant to distract us from the new form of totalitarianism that is being built by Trump’s loudest denouncers.

This doesn’t mean Trump is good. He’s not good at all. He’s simply unimportant.

18 thoughts on “Unimportant”

  1. FaceBook and other technologies / social media are presented as pro-globalization forces, but they can easily be used for the opposite, at least regarding human flows. If Trump were smarter, he would start talking and investing money not in the wall like in the Middle Ages but in:

    Electronic Barriers
    Technology could help cut off the supply of jobs to illegal immigrants.

    Trump invoked E-Verify during the 2016 campaign but has since stopped publicly promoting it. Yet E-Verify is more popular with the public than the wall; at least two-thirds of poll respondents support mandatory verification of a worker’s lawful status. States that require it (Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah) have changed worker behavior.

    Wages for low-skilled American and legal-immigrant workers in mandatory E-Verify states rose between 7 percent and 9 percent, while wages for illegal Mexican males dropped nearly 8 percent.

    Yet enforcement is spotty. Only 2 percent of businesses in South Carolina were audited in 2017, and 17 percent of that sample were found not to be using the system. None of the scofflaws, however, were fined.


    Where are Trump’s advisors? Can he make verification mandatory on the Federal level, applying to all states? Passing such a law would guarantee his 2nd term.


    1. That’s precisely why I keep saying that Trump is really pro open borders. There is so so much he could have done. And he did the exact opposite.

      I always trust evidence. All the evidence shows that Trump is good for open borders. Even if he wants the opposite deep inside.

      People are not seeing how much he advanced open borders because they are blinded by propaganda.


    2. A law mandating this was one of the immigration bills that failed in the Senate, and he pushed for it. But it didn’t pass, and it wasn’t just because of Democrats.


  2. Аркадий Бабченко has been positively hysterical, even posting he’ll leave the country if Ze wins. I wonder why and whether there is a personal reason or a true general justification.


    1. Babchenko understandably is terrified to live in a province of Russia. This is Ukraine becoming an effective colony once again after only 5 years of not being one. Everybody who fought at the Maidan is devastated because it’s like spitting in their faces.


  3. He’s utterly impotent to put any obstacle in the way of globalization and the soft totalitarianism it imposes.

    This is not true at all. Trump has the power to launch massive nuclear attacks on any country he wants. And if he becomes upset enough with the situation here, he almost certainly will do so. I do not know why anyone discounts this possibility. It is quite real. His presidency is the first one about which this could be said.


      1. “I’m trying to have a serious conversation and not…”

        Yeah, the idea that Trump is going to launch a nuclear war is downhill from absurd. Neither is Putin or Kim Jong Un or Iran.

        Climate change is a real threat (one that I don’t think the human race is going to do much to seriously combat), but nuclear armageddon isn’t on the horizon.


        1. “Rachel has never said this.”

          But she did say that Russia could well launch a devastating attack on America by hacking into our national power grids and knocking out all electrical power from coast to coast.

          Nutty as a fruit cake!


  4. I told myself I won’t comment anymore after you told people like me to stay away, but I can’t resist this one time.

    Yes, I agree with you and the author of the article on what Big Tech is doing and what’s coming. I feel we are powerless to stop it. It benefits those with money, and all of them – right- or left-wing – will fight to keep it flowing into their wallets. Business that don’t use as much automation or collect less data on their customers than those they’re competing with will lose. This can only be stopped via laws, and to elect politicians who would prioritize that the electorate would need to educate itself about the complex world we live in today. In other words, we’re fucked.

    What way forward do you see?


    1. Globalization has won. Every attempt to slow it down a bit failed. The political solution is clearly not working anywhere in the world. People vote and vote but the result is always more globalization. Whether they vote left or right or something completely new, the result is always more globalization, more tech dominance, more inequality, more corporatization. And anybody who makes a peep against it is called a Nazi.

      So yeah. The globalization won.


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