Who’s Ready for Fluidity?

To be clear: I don’t think the fate of the Ukrainian revolution (or the American opposition to fluidity, for that matter) hinges on any single person. One person neither occasions it nor can stop it. It’s all about the disposition of the people.

The American people clearly divided into those who hate fluidity and those who like it in 2016. Those who hate fluidity won the election but still lost because fluidity proved stronger.

In Ukraine, the main task is consolidating something remotely resembling a nation-state before fluidity sweeps it all away completely. Ukrainians demonstrated that they don’t take this task seriously. They are ready to dispense with the nation-state immediately. But they can’t possibly be ready for fluidity. Even the US isn’t ready for it.

Ditching the project of nation-building in today’s Ukraine can only stem from recalcitrant idiocy. I don’t see any other explanation. I’m trying and I can’t.

Our Own Beto

To make this more understandable, Ukraine – a country that has foreign troops fighting on its territory and third-world poverty rates – elected its own version of Beto as president. It’s all there, the goofiness, the immaturity, the pot, and even the “take down the wall” rhetoric (which, in the context of Ukraine, is really creepy).

On the positive side, hey, we are not backwards! Even Americans can’t get there yet but we can! Yippee.

A White Man

It bugs me beyond belief when Bernie is referred to as “a white man.”

You don’t have to support him but have some respect. The fellow has had a long and honorable career in politics. He has achieved a lot. He has had an enormous impact on the national conversation on many issues. He’s written a bestselling book and motivated a lot of people to get politically engaged.

Forget about whether you like Bernie’s ideas or not. I haven’t decided if I’ll support him (although I am leaning that way). But it’s really pathetic when somebody like Bernie is being referred to as some random “white man.” Why not say “a principled and honorable person” instead? Or “an experienced politician”? Or even “a bestselling author”? How is his DNA the most interesting thing about him?

So annoying.

Public Education and Fluidity

Public education was originally created to indoctrinate people since childhood into the ideology of the nation-state. It did that through:

1. Ensuring that everybody spoke the same language

2. Transmitting the version of national history that strengthened the national identification

3. Fostering pride in the national achievements and the nation’s legitimizing figures (great artists, statesmen, etc)

4. Ensuring that everybody was prepared to inscribe oneself into the civic and economic functioning of the nation

Since there is no need for this sort of education any more, public schools now make sure everyone is indoctrinated into the ideology of fluidity.

Fluidity doesn’t need anybody to be inscribed into the civic life or the economy. So it dispenses with basic literacy and the knowledge of things like history or geography. Instead, it requires indoctrination into the principles of fluidity as its only subjects.

This is why students increasingly arrive in college with no knowledge of anything whatsoever except for how to put a fluidity-friendly spin on everything.

The question now is, why preserve public education at all? Because without it many people would be illiterate? They already are. That’s done.

What’s the point any more? Other than socializing the costs of globalization (from which you and I won’t profit), of course.

Warren’s Populism

If people can’t borrow $4,000 and go to a school like mine, they’ll borrow $40,000 and go to a private one.

The only result of Elizabeth Warren’s plan to eliminate tuition at public colleges will be ballooning student debt and the closure of schools like mine.

We survived during the Illinois budget crisis because we had tuition. Without those funds, it would have been impossible literally to keep the lights on for 2 years with zero dollars in funding. We would have closed if Warren had her way.

Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy, so this is not a one-time problem. Let me repeat: if my university can’t charge tuition, it will die. Our tuition is very reasonable. It’s the lowest in the state.

Nobody gets $100,000 in debt by coming to us or to the local community college. People get $100,000 in debt by going to pricey private schools. Which will be the winners if Warren’s plan is made reality.

And it’s the same thing with federal funding. The federal debt is out of control. There are constant government shutdowns. We can’t exist in complete dependence on government funds.

Warren has no chance at winning but I’m writing all this so that people think one step ahead in their favorite theories. Nobody supports Warren because they are evil. Nobody wants to cause harm. But supporting populism always leads to harm.