A White Man

It bugs me beyond belief when Bernie is referred to as “a white man.”

You don’t have to support him but have some respect. The fellow has had a long and honorable career in politics. He has achieved a lot. He has had an enormous impact on the national conversation on many issues. He’s written a bestselling book and motivated a lot of people to get politically engaged.

Forget about whether you like Bernie’s ideas or not. I haven’t decided if I’ll support him (although I am leaning that way). But it’s really pathetic when somebody like Bernie is being referred to as some random “white man.” Why not say “a principled and honorable person” instead? Or “an experienced politician”? Or even “a bestselling author”? How is his DNA the most interesting thing about him?

So annoying.


20 thoughts on “A White Man”

  1. It’s all they’ve got.

    I disagree with Bernie on certain things, and worry about his effectiveness in governance, but I have enough insight, enough ideas, and enough analytical skill to actually disagree with him. Maybe my case is strong, maybe it isn’t, but it’s a case against something other than his identity.

    I really hate this era.

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        1. One thing I’m happy about is that I have booted everybody who liked saying this kind of thing off my blog. I don’t suffer idiots outside of work. :-)))


  2. I also love how a Jew transforms into “a White Man” the moment it can be used against him. Think a red-haired, freckled Syrian or even simply a USA Muslim with WASP roots would be called that or treated as a historic strike against a Christians-only presidential club?


  3. Someone I know complained that the field has “so much potential” yet the support is going behind 4 white dudes. I get their complaint when it comes to Beto and Buttigieg because man, why would anyone support them when they could support literally anyone else? But Bernie and Biden have long careers as public servants. Their maleness doesn’t negate that. This is someone who loves Julian Castro, who is the very definition of mediocrity. A former VP and a longtime senator are just objectively more impressive than the former Secretary of HUD lol.

    And as I’ve said before, I bet Castro doesn’t like being reduced to “the Hispanic candidate,” and I’m sure Buttigieg is tired of all the focus being on his gayness. Nobody likes having their humanity and accomplishments ignored in favor of their race, gender, sexuality, etc. I always feel bad for Danica Roem, Virginia’s first trans legislator. Media pretty much only asks her questions related to being trans, even though she mostly talks about actual issues affecting Virginia, mostly relating to road repair.


    1. That’s exactly what I mean. We keep fixating on attributes outside of the candidates’ control. Buttigieg didn’t do anything to be gay. Bernie didn’t cause himself to be white. Kamala didn’t occasion herself to be a woman. And Roem, I’m sure, didn’t choose the hard life of a trans person.

      Why don’t we concentrate more on what they actually did, the things they consciously control? Because politics is all about doing stuff.


      1. With some minorities who become conservatives, this seems to be part of why. A message of “race doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter” can be refreshing. Not that many conservatives aren’t terrible in their own way; the way Republicans trot out Diamond & Silk like a minstrel show is worse than anything I see from liberals.


  4. Yes, what we really need is a rich person of color instead of a rich white man to be our next president. That will solve all our problems. LOL!


  5. Two stories – What is Racism and What is Not:

    // Norway’s attorney general ruled Tuesday that a Norwegian Muslim rapper who said “f*cking Jews” during a concert was not engaging in anti-Semitic hate speech, but rather legitimate criticism of Israel.

    The initial incident took place in June 2018, when rapper Kaveh Kholardi, who is of Iranian origin, was performing on stage at a municipal festival in Oslo. He asked the audience if there were any Muslims in the crowd. When some people responded, Kaveh wished them a happy Eid. He went on to ask if there were any Jews, and when no one reacted, he said “Fucking Jews.” He then said, “Just joking.”

    According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the organizers of the family-friendly event, which was supposed to celebrate diversity, complained to the rapper. Kholardi had five days before the incident written on Twitter that “f*cking Jews are so corrupt.”



    // Simone O’Broin, a well-known international human rights lawyer and a prominent activist in the boycott movement against Israel in the UK, was caught on camera while inebriated, threatening to boycott the airline if the aircrew doesn’t provide her with more wine.

    “I am the leader of the fing boycott movement,” O’Broin shouted, referring to her anti-Israel activities. “If I say boycott fing Air India, done. Do you understand me? You can’t give me a wee bottle of wine?” she vented while gesturing aggressively.

    “Indian fing money grabbing bastard … I will turn you inside fing out, you fing stupid cs,” she raged.



    1. In return, one of the promised links from Ukraine:


      Но 73% за Зеленского означает, что проиграл не Порошенко, проиграла вся страна. И проиграла не Зеленскому, а Кремлю и Коломойскому. Нет, я не ною и не в депрессии – для меня нехарактерны эти состояния, я просто пытаюсь быть объективным. 

      It’s very much in tune with what I think.


      1. Another one: https://povnatorba.blogspot.com/2019/04/blog-post_379.html?m=1

        “Прихід Зеленського – це величезний виклик. Буде відкат щодо мови. Квоти переглянуть. Мені вже раніше закидали не наганяти паніку, бо маємо складне становище. Але Україна буде постійно в небезпеці, поки генерація малоросів доларово-єврових не стане політичною елітою”, – заявив Остап Дроздов у ефірі НТА.


  6. Have you seen this? I am truly shocked:

    Елена Зеленская, жена кандидата в президенты и потенциальная первая леди, в 2014-м году предлагала своим друзьям в фейсбуке подзаработать на кремлёвском канале Life.ru, сообщая россиянам информацию о передвижении наших, украинских военных.

    Это не фейковый аккаунт. На странице нашли комментарии мужа, Владимира Зеленского, а четыре дня назад Елена переписывалась в комментариях с Кошевым. На сайте Миротворца опубликованы все необходимые доказательства того, что это страница Зеленской.


          1. This is a good website because it publishes all of my favorite FB personalities. Look out for Sana Feldgendler. She’s amazing, super talented. (She’s not Jewish. The last name is from the husband.) I’m honestly only on FB because of her and one other writer. And Alex the Physicist’s jokes.

            I’ll be posting links as I come across them.


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