Our Own Beto

To make this more understandable, Ukraine – a country that has foreign troops fighting on its territory and third-world poverty rates – elected its own version of Beto as president. It’s all there, the goofiness, the immaturity, the pot, and even the “take down the wall” rhetoric (which, in the context of Ukraine, is really creepy).

On the positive side, hey, we are not backwards! Even Americans can’t get there yet but we can! Yippee.


One thought on “Our Own Beto”

  1. Well, neither Beto could be any crazier than another potential Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Today on MSNBC he announced how NYC will support the Green New Deal.

    “We are going to BAN the classic glass and steel skyscrapers, which are incredibly inefficient,” he told Joe Scarborough. If the building owners don’t drastically modify their skyscrapers to reduce emissions by 2030, they’ll all face fines of up to $1 million or more per building.

    Of course, 2030 is long time away, and the nutty mayor will be long gone by then –but the classic NYC skyline will probably still be standing.

    (Assuming those skyscrapers aren’t underwater by then, of course!)


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