Warren’s Populism

If people can’t borrow $4,000 and go to a school like mine, they’ll borrow $40,000 and go to a private one.

The only result of Elizabeth Warren’s plan to eliminate tuition at public colleges will be ballooning student debt and the closure of schools like mine.

We survived during the Illinois budget crisis because we had tuition. Without those funds, it would have been impossible literally to keep the lights on for 2 years with zero dollars in funding. We would have closed if Warren had her way.

Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy, so this is not a one-time problem. Let me repeat: if my university can’t charge tuition, it will die. Our tuition is very reasonable. It’s the lowest in the state.

Nobody gets $100,000 in debt by coming to us or to the local community college. People get $100,000 in debt by going to pricey private schools. Which will be the winners if Warren’s plan is made reality.

And it’s the same thing with federal funding. The federal debt is out of control. There are constant government shutdowns. We can’t exist in complete dependence on government funds.

Warren has no chance at winning but I’m writing all this so that people think one step ahead in their favorite theories. Nobody supports Warren because they are evil. Nobody wants to cause harm. But supporting populism always leads to harm.

16 thoughts on “Warren’s Populism”

  1. Colleges used to get much more tax payer money as a fraction of total running cost, passing the savings on to students. Now States appropriate much fewer dollars adjusted for inflation. In 2015 dollars public tuition was only 2500$/y in 1980. In 2015 it was 9000/y$. There is no reason the 1980 formula should not be possible again besides lack of will, it isnt quite free but it is way better.


  2. Bernie supports many of the same stupid policies, yet you’re leaning towards supporting him. Is this why it’s only a lean? I take comfort in the fact that free college has no chance of happening, same with many of these ideas.


    1. Bernie is better than Warren for me because:

      He can stand up to Trump and Warren can’t.
      He’s principled. He’s defended the same principles forever and doesn’t flip flop when it’s convenient. (Except for a short lived vacillation on open borders that he corrected).
      He’s clearly a very honest person.
      He’s clear on why open borders are a neoliberal idea and the death of welfare.
      I can see him connecting with workers.

      As for free college, Bernie says he supports free community college. I haven’t heard him say he wants for public 4-year universities. This is a very important distinction that Warren isn’t making. I keep thinking that she says things just to sound cool without thinking them through. While Bernie has a consistent worldview behind his ideas.


      1. I think in 2016 he said free college, but I could be remembering wrong. Also idk what his stance is this time around; he could’ve modified it.

        I agree that Bernie is better, just wanted your perspective. I appreciate the work Warren has done during her political career, but so far it seems like she wouldn’t be a good president or a good candidate. Even if I disagree with some things Bernie advocates for, he’s so far the only candidate who’s shown he cares about Lordstown and the only one I’m comfortable with on immigration and the border. This could change when Biden enters, but I’d rather stick with Bernie tbh.

        Saying things to sound cool without thinking them through is her way of desperately trying to get media attention. I think that’s why she called for impeachment. Bernie isn’t desperate so he doesn’t feel the need to debase himself that way.


        1. And I just read that he wants voting rights for incarcerated felons. Because that’s such a crucial issue right now.

          I’m starting to get annoyed again.


          1. Every candidate annoys me in some way, I just have to decide who annoys me least who I also think has a chance of winning the election (if electability didn’t matter I’d just hop behind Klobuchar and call it a day, but I don’t think she’ll make it past Iowa.)


          2. If felons currently in prison get the right to vote, the consequence is going to be that a lot more people push for executions. Not sure how Bernie and Kamala don’t see that. Right now we’re making great progress with ending the death penalty, it would be terrible to see a setback because some Dem politicians bust out with stupid ideas like these.


            1. Yeah… The merits of coming out with this plan right now are impossible to comprehend. How is this going to help win the general? It’s such an easy attack point. “These Democrats only care about criminals and not regular folks like you.”


              1. This isn’t going to help in the primary either. Most Dems don’t believe in this and even those who do aren’t basing their vote on this. Hell, I’d even be open to letting some prisoners vote, but serial killers?


              2. This is a constant with Bernie. He’d be going in a very good direction with the visit to Lordstown and comments on the borders. And then all of a sudden he’d veer into a losing position like this one. I have a feeling he’s surrounded by two competing groups of advisers who pull him in different directions.

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              3. YES. He has some competent seeming people on his campaign, but he also has Jeff Weaver, someone who voted for Jill Stein in 2016, and various other people from the “stupid progressives” crowd.

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              4. Oh, you might want to email this journalist:


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