Tucker is having a ball with Bernie’s delusional suggestion that jailed serial rapists and mass murderers on death row should be able to vote. Even the utterly apolitical N enjoyed the segment. And N is blissfully unaware of who Tucker and Bernie are.

16 thoughts on “Delusional”

  1. Why would he give such a perfect gift to the GOP? Kamala has joined him on this issue, btw. Everyone’s rushing to see who can be the biggest idiot.


    1. Bernie actually put the word “sexual assault” in the sentence. Making sure that it sounds as bad as it possibly can. Thank goodness he didn’t mention pedophiles in this context.

      But Kamala did him one better suggesting we should “have a conversation” about giving Tsarnaev the right to vote. Yeah, it’s a competition! But not to beat Trump. It’s to make it easier for him to win.


      1. Looks like she maybe actually came out against it? I’ll have to research further (or not; no chance I’m voting for her in the primary regardless.)


  2. If people in jail are going to vote, which I am not against (they tend to be better informed than many other voters), death row should be included. It has more wrongful convictions than any other unit, and most death row inmates who are guilty have an accomplice or more who pleaded to a lesser sentence, AND the same crimes don’t get you the death penalty if you can afford a private lawyer.

    Would I recommend making this a key issue in a presidential campaign? No.


    1. Why, why would anybody support this? What good would be served? What problem would be solved by this?

      If somebody wanted to help convicts, there’s a million things that could be done. But this?


  3. It’s not a “helping convicts” issue, it’s a suffrage issue. Getting whole groups into jail is a great way of disenfranchising them, and the larger issue is that it is hard to get voting rights back after you get out of jail. So there are a whole set of policy questions to consider, mainly, how many of your citizenships should a criminal conviction lose you, and should these ever be given back?


    1. In other words, it’s the same old issue of trying to inflate the numbers of people voting Democrat artificially. Just as long as you don’t have to deliver anything of value to the voters.


      1. I wouldn’t say that. Rather, the opposite — the same old issue of trying to get black people not to vote, which was the objective of the no suffrage even after sentence completed. But in a larger sense: who gets to vote? That’s the question and it isn’t about strategizing to get votes for someone.


        1. Mind you, I’m not the one who equated “murderers and people convicted of sexual assault”, which are the groups Bernie named, with black people. This idea didn’t cross my mind.


        2. Leslie, nobody here is against voting after sentence completed. We talk about dangerous criminals actually in jail: they lost their rights to freedom and that should include voting.


            1. But that’s not what is being discussed. The discussion is about “murderers, rapists, horrible people and the Boston bomber” voting while in jail.

              Restitution of voting rights some time after the conviction is a good cause, I’m all for that. But why does the Boston bomber need to vote and why are we even discussing this inane issue?

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      2. ” jailed serial rapists and mass murderers on death row should be able to vote”

        This makes me think Bernie isn’t in it to win it. If I had a sick, cynical mind I’d say that he’s agreed to be a sheepdog for Biden who can swoop in as a slightly saner voice after everybody else has committed to stupid bullshit like violent felons being able to vote behind bars.
        Other explanations are that he doesn’t think a lot of ideas through before engaging with them in public or that he’s being pulled/influenced by saner and crazier advisors and gets befuddled in the crossfire.


        1. It’s always like this with the ultra-super-duper-progressive crowd. You talk to them and they seem completely normal. Then something clicks and they start on these rants that are clearly delusional. The weirdest thing is that it’s as if they got these crazy ideas beamed from the mother ship because they are always identically worded and delivered with the same inflections.


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