I was offered a “young-adult adaptation of Sam Quinones’s Dreamland” on Amazon.

No, it doesn’t seem to be a joke. Why young adults can’t just read the actual book is not explained.

I hate the expression “young adult.”

P.S. Dreamland is an amazing book. Please read it. The existence of the “young adult version” doesn’t detract from the value of the book.

One thought on “Infantilizing”

  1. When I took a Children’s Lit class, we discussed this excessive division — first it’s Children’s Lit, then it’s Middle Grade, then it’s Young Adult. It’s purely a marketing tactic, and that’s interesting because the exact same books will be marketed under different ages, as well (particularly between children’s and YA, but also for adult, as well). Which is just strange, seeing as they’re working on making the age level “genres” more absolute in terms of definition.


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