Public Education Is Dead

How, how is it possible to defend public education in the face of this:

A class exercise asking students at Saratoga Springs High School to score their privileged status raised concerns among parents worried about the assignment’s underlying message and the use of offensive words... The activity, copies of which were posted to social media last week, asked students to score how privileged they are: add 25 points if you are white, add 25 points if you are male, add 20 points if you are straight; subtract 100 points if you are black, subtract 50 points if you are female, subtract 150 points if you are gay.

And my favorite part:

The worksheet also included outdated and offensive words and point tallies that appeared to play on cultural stereotypes. Jewish, for instance, was rated as the most privileged religion, earning a student 25 points compared to five points of privilege for a Christian student. A Muslim student lost 50 points under the activity.

I have no words.

Of course, the article concludes that the exercise is great except for some insensitive words it uses. But once you police the vocabulary, it’s a fantastic thing to use instead of actually teaching students something for a change.

7 thoughts on “Public Education Is Dead”

  1. Jewish is the most privileged religion … in Israel, not America.
    What was the person who made this activity thinking? I am genuinely curious.
    At first, I thought he thought Jews were the most priviledged group economically because they tend to be educated middle-class, but then I understood the activity talked about religion.

    I know I sound like a broken tape already, but this statement in America is antisemitic.
    Look Christians, you receive only 5 points in your own country, but a Jew – five times five! Feel Jews take advantage of you yet?
    Look Muslims, Jews are + 75 points in comparison to you and have it 5 times better than even Chrisitians. Don’t they have disproportionate influence and manipulate the state to their advantage?

    I would not care for the worksheet one way or another, but as a Jew I am very sensitive to antisemitism.
    Today I was thinking whether Jewish Bernie wouldn’t be more pathbreaking than female Hilary. A few more such school activities about priviledged Jews and I will be sure regarding the question in the former sentence.


    1. That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s naked Anti-Semitism.

      But hey, everybody non-Muslim who read this activity, do you think it made them like Muslims more? I don’t think so. It just makes everyone detest everybody else.


  2. I heard that this worksheet actually originated as a 4chan prank making fun of SJWs. Yet it made its way into a real classroom lmfao! Now I feel thankful that I can’t have kids because I can’t afford private schools but no way am I sending them to schools like these.


      1. According to the scorecard, I am extremely unpriviledged since living in the Middle East subtracts 600 points . 🙂

        Nothing will make me into those horrible priviledged people after that, no matter how cis, white and etc I am. sighs in relief

        “The school got trolled. Epically.” – Alex, you are not in tune with the times. If the list is bad, the correct homework would’ve been to find the mistakes, correct them and prepare to present one’s findings in class. Btw, being a scientist substracts 15 points. If you’re a teacher, substract another five. 🙂


  3. Teaching the next generation the art of “Pigeonholing”—just what this world needs more of: people who obsessively demographize themselves instead of developing themselves as individuals in their own right.


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