You folks. You can keep turning up your noses at my Tucker addiction but I just spent a great hour listening to him ridicule first Mayor Pete and then Justin Trudeau.

You are depriving yourselves of something genuinely funny out of fear of hearing something that might contradict the Dogma.

10 thoughts on “Snooty”

  1. Yeah, I agree with almost everything that Carlson says, but I literally can’t stand his newly affected demeanor expressing either a frowny consternation at what his guest is saying, or an exaggerated mockery at some liberal’s words. His mannerisms look as silly as Rachel Maddow’s when he behaves like that. (I record his show and then fast-forward through it.)

    He never acted that way on any of his older shows on CNN, PBS, and MSNBC (he’s been around awhile to look as young as he does), so I don’t know why he thinks Fox viewers want such overacting.


    1. Fox viewers love Hannity, though. Isn’t he the network’s biggest star? And I can’t sit through more than 5 minutes of his show because I can’t stand the droning intonation and the endless repetition of “every second of every minute of every hour of every day.” It’s so catchy, too. I have caught myself droning on with his intonations at times.

      I didn’t know Tucker was on PBS and MSNBC or CNN. But I didn’t know he existed at all until last December. How could you not tell me about him? That was mean of you.


      1. Isn’t [Hannity] the network’s biggest star?…I didn’t know Tucker was on PBS and MSNBC or CNN.”

        Hannity is the top-rated cable news show, period (Maddow and Carlson slip back and forth for second place), but he’s a one-dimensional Trump apologist who spouts the type of rah-rah! propaganda that all the hysterical left-wingers who “never watch Fox but somehow know all about it” claim represents Fox’s entire output. I almost never watch him.

        Carlson’s PBS, CNN, and MSNBC shows are all ancient history:
        PBS — “Tucker Carlson:Unfiltered” (2001)
        CNN — “The Spin Room” (2000) and “Crossfire” (2001 – 2005)
        MSNBC — “Tucker” (2005-2008)

        His political views were a bit different back then, although he testily denies it when told so. During those shows he was more libertarian than hard-line conservative.


  2. I was sad I only had one friend who I could share the recent segment about immigration with. In addition to almost all my friends dismissing Tucker out of hand, immigration is always a risky topic.


    1. One friend is a lot. I honestly don’t have anybody I can talk to about politics and feel I’m in tune with them except for you. And I don’t even know you. I mean, I have friends but they are either not politicized (which is perfectly fine) or in Canada and aren’t as into US politics.


      1. I don’t know that me and that friend are in tune the same way you and I are, but they’re from Alabama so they aren’t easily scandalized. And we’re both moderate Dems so we roll our eyes at the social justice crowd, although I have more awareness and background with this group of people (they just see some craziness online.) She isn’t particularly politicized but she enjoys hearing my rants about politics. And talking about politics with someone who isn’t super into politics yields perspectives you’re just not gonna get from the super online crowd.

        Also, she tends to regard everything I say about politics as gospel, which I suppose I should feel bad about but I enjoy the chance to tell people what to think if I’m being honest (and it’s not like she never disagrees.) Ultimately, I agree with you on politics so much because I’ve been reading your blog practically since its inception and it’s highly influenced my thinking, not because we independently came to the same conclusions.

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  3. This post about corruption really clarified some things to me. Previously, I’ve thought the main way to fight it is via jail sentences, without thinking deeper.

    Коррупция как биоценоз, або Головы трех друзей

    Btw, now checking other posts on this lj. It looks fine so far.


    1. As for the article, oh God, this is exactly, exactly what I keep saying. People drive me crazy with their “Poroshenko is bad because he didn’t defeat corruption and Ze is good because he will.” Corruption is inside you, I say. Nobody can get inside you and defeat your need to be corrupt.

      You can’t tell me how you are angry that there’s so much corruption and in the same breath boast about how you faked paperwork to get a visa into the US where your son lives illegally, makes a ton of money and pays zero taxes about which you are insanely proud (true story).

      Corruption is a state of mind for us. It’s who we are. Everybody has to defeat their own inner corrupt bastard. No president or magician or Santa Claus can do that for you. God.


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