Radical Fat Liberation

Fitness instructors are Nazis, and high blood pressure in obese people isn’t caused by the weight but by the “stigma around the weight.” And the Christchurch shooter became a mass murderer and terrorist because he was a fitness instructor. Because fitness instructors are… see above.

These nuggets of wisdom were offered in a talk hosted by the Wellness Center (sic!), Women’s and Gender Studies Department, and Center for Equity and Inclusion of St Olaf’s College.

And then we wonder where the idea that academics are nuts comes from. If you are at an institution of higher learning and you believe that health issues detected by science are caused by the science, then what are you but an anti-intellectual freak? What’s next, climate change is caused by studies on climate change? Vaccines cause measles outbreaks? Studies on the danger of smoking cause emphysema?

Also, it’s now very clear that colleges desperately need more funding because more talks like these should urgently be sponsored. And no, folks, it’s not an isolated case of one kooky college. This is everywhere, all the time. Maybe without the use of the word “Nazis,” which made this talk a target of retweets but I’ve been invited to conferences and sent academic tomes imbued with precisely these ideas.

5 thoughts on “Radical Fat Liberation”

      1. Now people who would agree with us on children performing in bars are opposed to this bill because they have a false impression of what it is. I managed to educate one person in the comments section and change their mind, but it’s not as if I can talk to everyone who read the article.

        Some liberals lament that conservative media pushes a unified message while liberal media is disorganized and does at bad job of it, but they’re wrong, liberal media is great at this. They do it so well that most people don’t even notice.


        1. People read this and think, “what kind of a bigot supports legislation banning boys from wearing pink sparkly shirts?” And yeah, if you put it this way, it’s a barbarity. I’d be against that legislation 100%.

          Of course, nobody notices that’s not what it’s about.

          This is so underhanded and wrong.


          1. Hardly anyone expects the media to be totally unbiased, but I do think most people think the media won’t print baldfaced lies like that. I’m a little shocked at the boldness and I’m hardly a media cheerleader.

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