Costs of Diversity

Mohamed Noor, the killer cop in Minneapolis, who murdered a woman for no reason testified today. He’s a very disturbed person, which is clear if you look at his history. It’s quite insane that instead of preventing him from ever touching a gun, this history got him fast-tracked into the police force where he never should have been admitted.

The Poetry Article

I’m writing an article on poetry, and it’s very very hard because I almost never work with poetry and have only a very vague idea of how to that. So I read a lot of people who do great poetry analysis and try to find my way. (Thank you, Jonathan, for your The Poetics of Self-consciousness, it’s really helping. The “censorious final chapter,” as somebody called it, is exactly what I needed.)

And so finally, finally, I’m starting to feel OK about my article. Ideas start appearing. I feel a sense of freedom as I write. This is shaping up to be the most honest piece I’ve ever written, chock-full with “conservative talking points” from Marxists like Dardot and Laval, Bauman, Ventura, and others.

But it’s the end of the academic year, and the world has conspired to try to distract me with inane things I don’t care about. It’s an almost physically painful feeling when you want to write, you are desperate to write, but the world doesn’t let you stare at your document in peace.

This makes me very irritable.

Not Unique

The reason why Biden relied so heavily on Charlottesville in his campaign launch is that Charlottesville is all that’s left from the “Trump is a unique threat” narrative.

Trump’s judge appointments are boring to most voters and not in any way different from what Obama or anybody before him did. The narrative of Trump doing something that sometime in the future will harm the environment is an electoral loser.

Trump’s greatest defect is not that he’s unique but that he’s the exact opposite. He’s turning out to be a very typical, run-of-the-mill Republican president, which is why his base is growing unhappy.

A winning narrative won’t be “vote for me because Trump is the worstest” but “vote for me because I’m the bestest.” But the Dem base has gotten so addicted to the feeling of being extremely important, supremely unique special cookies who are battling the rise of incredible evil that they aren’t letting the narrative of the unique threat die a well-deserved death. They want to be unique, so Trump has to be unique.

Surveillance University

A surveillance university is the perfect companion to surveillance capitalism. Read the article keeping in mind Shoshana Zuboff’s idea about people being desperate to stake a claim to unique individuality. The tender snowflakes clamoring for protection from unspecified harm are a perfect illustration.