Not Unique

The reason why Biden relied so heavily on Charlottesville in his campaign launch is that Charlottesville is all that’s left from the “Trump is a unique threat” narrative.

Trump’s judge appointments are boring to most voters and not in any way different from what Obama or anybody before him did. The narrative of Trump doing something that sometime in the future will harm the environment is an electoral loser.

Trump’s greatest defect is not that he’s unique but that he’s the exact opposite. He’s turning out to be a very typical, run-of-the-mill Republican president, which is why his base is growing unhappy.

A winning narrative won’t be “vote for me because Trump is the worstest” but “vote for me because I’m the bestest.” But the Dem base has gotten so addicted to the feeling of being extremely important, supremely unique special cookies who are battling the rise of incredible evil that they aren’t letting the narrative of the unique threat die a well-deserved death. They want to be unique, so Trump has to be unique.

6 thoughts on “Not Unique”

  1. not in any way different from what Obama or anybody before him did
    That’s inane. The judges themselves are not different than any other Republican would appoint. But you’re implying something like: Sotomayor is exactly the same as Gorsuch. Kavanaugh is exactly the same as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ridiculous.

    Trump’s greatest defect is not that he’s unique but that he’s the exact opposite. He’s turning out to be a very typical, run-of-the-mill Republican president, which is why his base is growing unhappy.
    Sure, people are voting on “policy” which is why they picked the living embodiment of the Peter Principle Dunning Kruger edition. “Government is incompetent so let me pick the most obviously terrible person who picks the most terrible cabinet and then let me being super pissed the dude fucks up his campaign promises.” They should really be soothed by all of this instead of being so unhappy the government is a flaming dumpster fire. The fact they’re unhappy is just a result of their collective psychological problems not their “economic anxiety” (median trump voter income is 70k; the same level at which additional money doesn’t buy you more happiness) or whatever fucking nonsense is trotted out to explain their upset. “I’m mad at the deep alienation wrought by neoliberalism that I can’t even name so let me pick some dude who definitely is about noisily dividing people and why won’t people care about my feelings and my special dreams b/c I told everyone collectively ‘fuck your feelings snowflake, waaah’”


    1. People wanted the wall and a stop to massive illegal immigration, but Trump made things even worse. I don’t know if we should call it policy or not but this was clearly a driving force behind the support.

      The religious folks supported him because of the SCOTUS nominations that will protect us from children being mutilated with hormones (like in the Canadian story from yesterday) and that kind of stuff. For them, Trump did deliver.

      We can ridicule people for believing that Trump would do something on immigration. But what alternative did they have? Hillary? Jeb? There wasn’t anybody else who’d even try to articulate anything in that direction. Trust Bernie? And some did, turning to Trump when Bernie lost the nomination. Now they will turn to Bernie again and if he’s elected, he will grant amnesty. Then everybody will realize that both the far-right and the far-left alternatives to neoliberalism are powerless.

      I don’t see what there is to celebrate about any of this. My Dean already proposed firing all the expensive tenured professors and “finding a Hispanic in the street who’d be happy to teach Spanish for $10 an hour.” But hey, diversity. Let’s all rejoice.


  2. Wanted to share something positive:

    // Победа Зеленского — это самое антироссийское событие, которое в результате выборов могло произойти, ибо оно отрицает не только украинскую, но и российскую систему. Систему царя, большого начальника, показного величия и скреп, Правление доминантного самца, от которого в его 70 какие-то женщины хотят детей. Ну какой из Зеленского царь, прости Господи…

    Победа Зеленского — это призыв выбросить из головы Россию. Не как соседа, отхватившего территорию и ведущего войну, — он-то никуда не денется. Бросить попытки строить здесь “анти-Россию”, борясь с бывшей метрополией жестами, символами и привычками. Не допустить появления здесь России настоящей.


      1. \ So… Let’s elect a loser to stick it to Russia? I don’t get it.

        The good thing is that Russian idea of acceptable politicians is not simply different from Ukrainian approach but completely alien to it. Like aliens in outer space.

        No matter what happens in Ukraine, it won’t vote for Putin2, Ukrainian version .

        Read a post about Ze not learning anything about his future work vs. the author’s learning via Google, and wondered whether the post is correct and whether one can learn how to a President via Internet. It’s not like Poroshenko would agree to give private lessons. Could any experienced politician teach him or was that impossible with “we are new, oldsters are corrupted” election campaign?


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