Surveillance University

A surveillance university is the perfect companion to surveillance capitalism. Read the article keeping in mind Shoshana Zuboff’s idea about people being desperate to stake a claim to unique individuality. The tender snowflakes clamoring for protection from unspecified harm are a perfect illustration.

3 thoughts on “Surveillance University”

    1. Very true. When one candidate after another started saying they will choose “a woman” it sounded like “yes, I’ll buy a fashionable accessory.” It’s very annoying and it’s obvious that voters don’t respond to empty nods to diversity.


  1. There’s a theory going around in the “conspiracy” circles about the notion that the reality we live is actually not an actual reality but, rather, a “virtual reality”. And that most persons around you are basically jesters and clowns “playing their parts” in the world, putting on their acts (and airs), that our existence is simply that of a cosmic psyop.

    I think that one could easily have figured this out during childhood, when our parents would constantly warn us repeatedly about being careful to “not hurt anyone’s feelings”, “make them angry by poking fun of their religion”, “don’t argue about any strong political beliefs they may have”, “don’t ask anyone about any personal matters”, “don’t utter profanity in public”, “be (unconditionally) respectful of their property”, “be on your best behavior around others because they’re always judging you” (and their judgment is always going to be “the final word” on you and your “character”).

    The fact that most people “are” their gender, their profession, their religion (or atheism), their status, their income and/or financial status, their position of authority, their scripted “personalities”, their ethnic background(s)/ancestry—this pretty much verifies such notions of humans being “biological A.I.s” of sorts.


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