People are really faithful. We arrive at a quarter to 11, and there is already a bunch of folks at the church, praying and putting up their baskets of food for the sprinkling of holy water.

Kids are here, too. Everybody is really dressed up. And unlike me, nobody is in their phones.

Unusual Challenge, Day 27

Today we are going to the midnight Πάσχα procession. We’ll circle the church with candles and holy icons (which are big in the Orthodox faith).

And then everybody will gather for a huge meal at 2 am. I’m not really into the meal because I got cured of nighttime munchies a long time ago. But I’m very excited about the nighttime procession with crosses and icons is something I really look forward to. I’ve never done anything like this, so it’s really unusual. I feel like I have a historical memory of doing this kind of thing.

Beto Meets Neoliberalism

I saw on Twitter that Beto’s rally at UNLV drew an enormous crowd of 35 people. Trump seems to have been prescient when he said Beto couldn’t attract attendees.

That’s quite a flameout for Beto. But he should take it as a lesson in neoliberalism, a system he so eagerly promotes. A newer, better model is always right around the corner to substitute your carefully cultivated personal brand. And then you become human detritus and sit there wondering what just happened.

Consumers saw a younger, more attractive version of Beto in Mayor Pete and discarded Beto. And now somebody who was sizzling hot 5 seconds ago is completely dead. Beto has no problem with inflicting this system on everybody else in things much more momentous than a vanity presidential run. There is true justice in this.

Not Caring

The most exact definition of my success as a teacher is here:

It’s a strange paradox of life that your reputation is often better the more you don’t care what other people think of you, and the more you can afford to not be concerned. When you’re striving and struggling for every crumb, they are hard indeed to wangle but when you don’t need them or want them, they arrive in droves.

That’s exactly how it works.

NYTimes: San Francisco’s Plan to Tackle School Segregation Made It Worse.

The article offers and excellent example of how progressive diversity talk feeds a very neoliberal need to drive more people out of the state option and into the private one.

Progressivism and neoliberalism are the same thing. They really are.