People are really faithful. We arrive at a quarter to 11, and there is already a bunch of folks at the church, praying and putting up their baskets of food for the sprinkling of holy water.

Kids are here, too. Everybody is really dressed up. And unlike me, nobody is in their phones.

3 thoughts on “Pascha”

    1. Absolutely. And people get the weirdest things blessed. Somebody brought a bag of Doritos and a six-pack of beer. Tomorrow we will feed our Mormon friends the blessed food.


      1. “Absolutely. And people get the weirdest things blessed”

        Orothodox are hardcore… in Poland you take a basket of food (świeconka) to church on Saturday (from around noon to four o’clock – there’s a new group every 20 or 30 minutes. The foods are geared toward breakfasty type things (bread, eggs, horseradish, sausage, maybe a lamb made of sugar or sheeps cheese) and then you have the food on Sunday morning.

        The weirdest basket I’ve seen was an Asian guy that just had a half dozen eggs and nothing else… (an uncovered, you usually put a cloth over it and uncover it just for the water sprinkling…


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