Synagogue Shooting

Another synagogue has been shot up? I’m out and can’t gather anything from snippets of information here and there.

This is horrible.


7 thoughts on “Synagogue Shooting”

  1. From what I can tell, it was a synagogue near San Diego. Four people were injured, and one died at the hospital. The guy was caught pretty quickly — it was a nineteen-year-old who had been planning the attack for the past month. There’s evidence of some pretty extreme anti-Semitism.

    The rabbi was shot in the hand and continued the service until he went to the hospital. It sounds like he worked pretty hard to keep everyone calm in the aftermath.


      1. // A 19-year-old. How come he hasn’t better things to do with his life?

        A good question. The shooter was a university student too: “Suspect John Earnest is a California State University San Marcos student.”


        ” Police looking into possible connection with arson attack at a nearby mosque .
        Someone set fire to the mosque while several people were inside on March 24. No injuries were reported but the exterior of the building was damaged ”

        // Any other President, of either party, would take a leadership role in stopping this kind of thing. Instead, he encourages it.


        // President Trump addressed the shooting at the top of his rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, offering prayers for the victims and condemning anti-Semitism.

        “Tonight, America’s heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting,” he said, adding that the entire nation “stands in solidarity with the Jewish community.”

        Trump said anti-Semitism and hate “must be defeated.”


        1. Did you see yesterday’s cartoon in the NYTimes that features Trump as a Jew leading Netanyahu on a leash?

          These folks can’t decide if Trump is a Nazi or a Jew.


  2. Reply to “Synagogue Shooting”

    This is another example of why Trump is so very dangerous. Any other President, of either party, would take a leadership role in stopping this kind of thing. Instead, he encourages it. I would even say that it seems to delight him.


    1. Encourages what? The shooting of synagogues? And Obama encouraged the Sandy Hook shooting?

      When people resort to such fantasies, it means they have no real argument. I remember when people accused Obama of promoting “death panels.” This is exactly like that.


      1. The question has been answered by the shooter himself, it seems. This is how he responded to the question of whether he’s a Trump supporter:

        “You mean that Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous cocksucker? Don’t make me laugh.” 


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