Easter Doritos

Making Paska (the Easter pastry) is hard. So instead of Paska, people brought the closest alternative to church to be blessed. Some folks brought several bags of Doritos.

You can see our Paska in the photo here. It’s the thingy that has a candle sticking out from it:

We made WWII kasha, grilled sandwiches, several different kinds of meat, and our guests brought chocolate sausage.

Self-absorbed Snowflakes

From The New York Times:

Can We Please Relax About ‘Socialism’?

Only in America is the word freighted with so much perceived menace.

These people have no shame.

Can we please relax about the Holocaust? Only in America does anybody care.

Can we please relax about Rwandan genocide? Only in America…

Can we please relax about mass murder, genocide, forced starvation, torture and extermination of millions? Because I have some inane point to make about some blabby Twitter star who loves the word socialism.

Love Americans. But the self-absorption is scary.

Also, note how everybody’s feelings need to be tiptoed around except for those of us who have suffered or suffer right now because of socialism.


In Spain, the very first operation against self-produced pornographic content by minors uncovered 110 kids between the ages of 5 and 13 who were filming themselves in pornographic ways and uploading the videos and images online. The motivation was always to get more likes and followers.

This is an example of the eager self-exploitation discussed by Byung-Chul Han. These children are not trafficked by evildoers or tortured by a totalitarian state to create terror. They have turned themselves into a means of production that creates profits for somebody else. And it’s all done completely willingly.

The only way to comprehend this is to ditch the outdated vocabulary of choice, freedom, free will, oppression and class struggle.


Sleek neoliberal bastards who eagerly spout diversity slogans have convinced us that the true threat to everything good is some pickup-truck driving Uncle Ted in a MAGA hat. We donate tons of free labor to enrich the sleek bastards in return for the chance to rubbish Uncle Ted online. In the meantime, the sleek bastards are robbing both us and Uncle Ted and repeating “Nazis, Nazis, Nazis everywhere” to keep us at each other’s throats.

And it’s not even smart, complex lies that get people so hooked. It’s the utterly ridiculous, inane lies about how 60 million people in this country are Nazis. You’d think, who could possibly believe something this kooky? Turns out, another 60 million can.

And yes, blah blah, the other side, too. The other side isn’t reading me, so what’s the point of saying that everybody is equally caught up in this trap? Yes, everybody is. Whew, what a relief. That makes it all better.

Surveillance Capitalism, 4

I searched for my favorite turquoise eyeliner by Stila on Amazon and didn’t find it. But since then I can’t go on FB without seeing huge ads for Stila cluttering my feed.

Everybody just shrugged their shoulders and yawned because it’s such a boring, mundane story. Shoshana Zuboff says in Surveillance Capitalism that we don’t care about this sort of thing because we have grown completely numb to it. As a result of this numbness, there is no violation of privacy we wouldn’t shrug off.

Also, she says, what’s happening with the birth of surveillance capitalism is so unprecedented that we are failing to process it using familiar ways of thinking. It’s very hard for human beings to accept the existence of something completely new. Our brains automatically look for soothing patterns from the past. “This is just like something I already heard about” is the curse of humanity. It’s a mechanism humans use to protect their brain from the trauma of accepting new evidence. And then we simply shut down our brains and get numb to the radical newness of what’s happening.

Zuboff says that we urgently need to start thinking about the new phase of capitalism in new ways. We have to make our brains catch up with the change. If we don’t, we won’t have much left by way of brains. We already have a generation that is physically incapable of reading a book start to finish. This shit is eating our humanity while we just sit there numbly and repeat that “it’s just like XYZ and so no big deal.”