Sleek neoliberal bastards who eagerly spout diversity slogans have convinced us that the true threat to everything good is some pickup-truck driving Uncle Ted in a MAGA hat. We donate tons of free labor to enrich the sleek bastards in return for the chance to rubbish Uncle Ted online. In the meantime, the sleek bastards are robbing both us and Uncle Ted and repeating “Nazis, Nazis, Nazis everywhere” to keep us at each other’s throats.

And it’s not even smart, complex lies that get people so hooked. It’s the utterly ridiculous, inane lies about how 60 million people in this country are Nazis. You’d think, who could possibly believe something this kooky? Turns out, another 60 million can.

And yes, blah blah, the other side, too. The other side isn’t reading me, so what’s the point of saying that everybody is equally caught up in this trap? Yes, everybody is. Whew, what a relief. That makes it all better.


6 thoughts on “Trapped”

  1. Divide et impera.

    The other side isn’t reading me, so what’s the point of saying that everybody is equally caught up in this trap?
    Because it’s a system. Otherwise it’s “he said it-he did it” which is like scratching a pimple; temporarily satisfying and itch but ultimately aggravating.


    1. I see where you’re coming from and think it’s incredibly unfortunate that the left is fucking up its message so badly.

      I feel that the main message is or should be that the world has changed radically and very quickly and the most important thing for humanity in general is to learn as much as possible about it and adapt. And it’s very hard to give this message to a proudly unintellectual and willfully ignorant sizable segment of the population without them feeling they’re being patronized and condescended to.

      Like I said before, I’m coming at this from the software side. I’ve described the basic thesis of the current book you’re reading in a comment on this blog. The world is very complex, and those who know more about it and understand it better than you do will use that imbalance to manipulate you and profit at your cost. The only way you can defend yourself is through knowledge and critical thinking. This is what “knowledge is power” really means.

      The corporations are not the only ones who will manipulate you. The politicians will exploit as many of your cognitive biases as possible and rely on emotion to promote group cohesion and hook you in – whether it’s through bonding over fetus-worship on the right or the unique experience of raising a transgender child on the left.

      I agree with you that neoliberalism is harmful. But we the genie of the informational revolution is what enabled globalization (aka exploitation on a global scale) and we can’t put it back in the bottle. We need to manage it, and the same old solutions won’t work.

      The typical response to a statement like mine is “it’s all very well for you to say the rest of the world has to adapt as someone like you, who writes software, is on the winning side”. This is at the core of the feeling about Pete Buttigieg, isn’t it? That he’s cheerleading for neoliberalism because he’s benefitted from it all his life, especially when he worked as a consultant at McKinsey. I feel that it’s more like we’ve seen what the other side is cooking up and are trying to tell everyone else that that shit is scary, it’s coming down the pipe, and no plugs we have will be able to stop it, no matter how much we like them or how much easier it would be to use them instead of figuring out how to neutralize the toxic sludge once it’s here.


      1. I agree completely, and so far it seems that Zuboff does, too. But we are talking about people who are cognitively modified to the extent where they think it’s a good idea to masturbate on camera and post it online to get likes at the age of 8. How much of unmodified brain is left there to understand this or anything else, that’s the question.

        This is why I keep saying that we are witnessing the formation of the cognitive elite whose parents will shelter them from this and who’ll grow up with the intellectual capacity to comprehend what you are saying in this comment or read books like Zuboff’s. And then there will be everybody else.


        1. I think the cognitive elite has been here for a while. Any kids who have had lead exposure, poor nutrition, or sufficient emotional trauma in early life are cognitively disadvantaged for life. And I personally think religious parents are committing something akin to intellectual child abuse by permanently encouraging the suspension of critical thinking in their children or twisting them into positions where they have to apply it in some cases and fight hard against it in others. I think Americans’ religiosity in general makes them more vulnerable to anyone preying on their wishful thinking – it and the abundance of conspiracy theories and con men are two sides of the same coin.


  2. Saw this:

    J. Michael Bailey: How to Ruin Sex Research

    “Science is not the only thing worth studying. Literature and history are important disciplines that arguably should be included in all higher educational curricula, although neither is a branch of science. However, any discipline that intends to draw accurate conclusions about human nature, including the determinants of gender-related traits, has no hope of doing so without a scientifc, non-ideological approach. Gender Studies has that ambition, but it has failed and is doomed to fail without reform. If Gender Studies has contributed a single surprising true insight, I do not know it.”

    (In Russian) A review of Alice Dreger’s “Galileo’s Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists, and the Search for Justice in Science” which explains who is Michael Bailey:


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