Trudeau Envy

At the Pascha celebration yesterday, Americans told Canadians that they envy them because they’ve got Trudeau. The Canadians considered the comment bizarre. Trudeau is the perfect example of a sleek neoliberal bastard who mastered the soppy platitudes of diversity to hide his corrupt shittiness. He says all the PC stuff that makes people week in the knees and then is completely free to do all kinds of nasty shit.

By the way, here is a good article on the effects of marijuana.

6 thoughts on “Trudeau Envy”

  1. Yeah, Trudeau is a great PC-diversity shill…except for fucking separatists though. No excuses about his father’s War Measures Act, and no open borders for Puidgemont. What a raving hypocrite!


  2. Hey, we have Beto, who finally announced specific policy statements today that outdo AOC in specific areas: He’s proposing a much cheaper Green New Deal than she is — only costs $5 trillion, and it will reach carbon neutrality by 2050, instead of her 2030 goal.

    Then he added that if we don’t, “We’ve only got ten years” — two years less than AOC’s timeline. (People good with numbers like N will notice that at least 2030 is within her 12-year deadline. As for 2050 in ten years, what calendar is the skateboarder using? Maybe the Chinese calendar [4715 – 4718, depending on which animal you prefer] or the Jewish calendar [5779]?)

    If Grandpa Biden doesn’t get the the Democratic nomination (he won’t), Trump isn’t even going to have to campaign in 2020!


    1. The media dropped him, so he’s trying to generate buzz by out-crazying the worst crazies.

      And Biden… I listened to a part of his talk. It was boring. It was all good, all right, and all soporific. I’ve heard all this before. I’m afraid it will be Hillary 2016 all over again.


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