The Burkini Model

Zuhdi Jasser on the burkini-clad model posing for Sports Illustrated:

If the point is to please the very conservative, Orthodox Muslims, they are hardly sitting there waiting for the new edition of Sports Illustrated.

It’s hilarious, and of course Jasser is making a joke to highlight the idiocy of the situation. The burkini model is there to let people virtue-signal by praising her “courage” and “feminism.” This isn’t about Muslims or for Muslims. People want to boost their progressive credentials by making socially appropriate noises. The model is an accessory. Like an expensive handbag among very rich folks.

What I always wonder is how the progressive snowflakes always know the approved position on everything. How do they know so fast that the burkini model should get heart emojis and not angry or sad emojis? Does the mothership beam the message directly into their brains?

8 thoughts on “The Burkini Model”

  1. You do not need a mothership for that. Imagine that you have, for some reason, maybe just producing a parody, to crate a text with exaggerated diversity/identity/SGW content… I am sure you will be able to do that, just based on your previous exposure to the culture.


    1. When I was in the union, I was always confused by how fast and identical everybody’s reactions are. The administration proposes to facilitate progress to degree. Are we in favor or against? Everybody immediately knows that we are against. Remove the Latin requirement for language PhDs. Are we in favor or against? Again, everybody immediately knows they are in favor. And there’s always a snowflake narrative attached to each decision.

      I could never guess what it would be.


  2. These burqinis may hide skin and hair but they do not hide the body, so I don’t know who they think they are kidding. Plus, they are pretty hideous and they must be very hot. Finally: in cold water, my sporty friends do in fact swim in wet suits and it appears to me you can get a similar, but less freakish effect by wearing a wet suit and a swim cap, if you really want to hide skin and hair.


    1. “These burqinis may hide skin and hair but they do not hide the body”

      What about sand? I’d never thought about that but last summer in Spain one day walking from the beach to the hotel a lady in front of me had on a burkini and I couldn’t help noticing the sand caked all over it, that must be horrifically uncomfortable if it gets inside…

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