The Cuteness Factor

That’s why watching South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who represents a population smaller than a New York City council district, outpoll Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren makes many of us want to eat glass; an entirely rational reaction to a datapoint that might discourage anyone without a Y chromosome.

I know it sucks but politics is about personality as much as it is about the issues. One would think that anybody over the age of 5 would figure this out and get over it without needing to eat glass. Vapid non-entities like Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Justin Trudeau, Beto or AOC attract a massive following because many people perceive them as cute. I’m not immune because much of my life of Bernie is a result of his accent and the Jewish grandpa spiel.

It’s ridiculous to make Warren’s lack of support about sexism, especially when comparing it with the success of a gay guy. He’s cute, he’s charming, and yes, he’s a total idiot but… see above.


2 thoughts on “The Cuteness Factor”

  1. Remember how many liberals didn’t like Bernie in 2016 because he was “rude” and wagged his finger too much when debating Hillary?


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