Ukrainian Diet

In the ten days that Ukrainian relatives have been staying with us and cooking up a storm, N gained 9 lbs. I’m more used to the Ukrainian diet, so I only gained two. They’ll be here for another week, so we’ll see what the final result is. I promised N I’ll starve him after they leave.

We’ll be visiting them next month, though, so I’ll have to starve him pretty badly.

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian Diet”

  1. How is Ukrainian food different from Jewish Ashkenazi food (besides for one of them having more pork)? My wife likes to joke that the difference between us is that she was raised by doctors while I was raised by an Ashkenazi rabbi. The food that I was raised with and taught to cook is basically a game of what can you do with meat, potatoes, oil, onions, and garlic.


    1. The Jewish Ukrainian food has more fish and it’s much sweeter. Jewish borscht actually has half a cup of sugar added. Gefilte fish, forshmak, delicious.


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