I’m not going to vote for anybody who uses the word “moral” in their campaign. Moral superiority scares me and I want nothing to do with it.


6 thoughts on “Moral”

    1. There’s still a slim chance that Bernie would go back to being the way he used to be before he start trying to please the BLM crowd.

      Why would anyone care about Barr at this point? The topic of the collusion has been settled.


  1. I posted that link b/c I thought you might have found it lightly entertaining. Oh well.

    1) Oh, Biden:
    I don’t want to jump feet first on Biden so here’s the clip progressive twitter is freaking out over in context:

    2) I admit, I have not done my democracy homework yet, mainly because I am exhausted.

    If anyone is interested:
    You can find links to read it free here at CNET
    There are two versions in print with commentary: the Alan Dershowitz version and the Washington Post version.


      1. I’m guessing they’re freaking about any kind of praise for Cheney. If I have to remind you about what Cheney has done or the Bush years…

        The clip itself is about 56:40- ~1:03.

        Bernie, AFAIK is #2 in this field of about 20 candidates.


        1. I don’t think anybody is a real candidate except for Bernie and Biden. And Biden doesn’t look strong since he announced. I don’t know, it doesn’t look good.

          Biden has bigger problems than saying something about Cheney. Ukrainians have buckets of dirt on him. It doesn’t look good.


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