Surveillance Capitalism, 8

Zuboff doesn’t use Bauman’s vocabulary of fluidity and the nation-state (although she obviously quotes him a lot), but she is talking about the same process that fascinated Bauman. The tech companies she discussed are very aware of it, too. Here is a sample quote:

“Business Insider covered Schmidt’s [the executive chairman of Google] remarks at the Mobile World Congress that same year, writing, “When asked about government regulation, Schmidt said that technology moves so fast that governments really shouldn’t try to regulate it because it will change too fast, and any problem will be solved by technology. ‘We’ll move much faster than any government.’””

What other way is there to describe this but the erosion of the nation-state by capital?

Now let’s look at our political field. Is anybody talking about this? If you are going to be elected to office in a reality where all institutions of state governmentality are losing relevance, wouldn’t that be an important issue to address? Instead, we are hearing antiquated fantasies about raising trillions more in taxes and spending this imaginary money as if the neoliberal revolution never happened. This is clearly ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Surveillance Capitalism, 8”

  1. Surveilled, but no community. We each have our individual relationship with surveillance equipment, but that is it.


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