Big Tech’s Favorite Weapon

Big Tech loooves trans activists because they can be easily deployed against absolutely anybody. There is no adult on the planet who hasn’t said things like “pregnant women” or “a male penis.” And that’s all that it takes to eliminate one as an obstacle to surveillance capitalism.

Here’s an example.

Google wanted to get rid of the outside Artificial Intelligence ethics panel that was set to review Google’s products because the panel was starting to dig into some pretty creepy stuff Google does.

So how to do that? Google found some 70-year-old black lady on the panel who said something a bizillion years ago about how men are not women and women are not men.

In the true Soviet style, a group of outraged employees was formed (completely voluntarily and with no encouragement from the company, yeah, right) to demand the expulsion of the evil transphobe who was making everybody unsafe.

Google said, “well, we don’t know how far the rot has gone, we all feel completely unsafe with this scary old broad around, so we’d better dump the whole ethics board.” And they disbanded the board. Completely.

As a result, there will be no outside review of Google’s AI products. And the poor 70-year-old lady in question is still convinced that Google was bullied by a rage mob. Bless her heart, poor old dear.

Repeat after me: progressivism equals neoliberalism.


One thought on “Big Tech’s Favorite Weapon”

  1. Well, there are certain superficially “progressive” gestures that are deployed to put a nice face on neoliberalism, and it also appropriates certain “progressive” language to accomplish very different goals (that often involve mobbing, coercion to extreme and superficial conformity, and so on).


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