Facebook Should Be Banned

A local mom posted this on a local FB page that every mother in our small town reads:

“My 11-year-old daughter [first and last name] is horribly bullied at her school [name of school]. Other girls tell her she’s ugly and has a fat ass. Look at her photos and tell me if that’s even true! I hate bullying! My daughter begged me not to complain to the school because that will make the bullying worse, so I’m posting here.”

Six photos of the 11-year-old, including two in a swimsuit are attached.

One commenter who is a teacher at a different school begged the mom to take down the post, explaining that the girl will have a very bad day at school after everybody reads the post. The rest of the 300+ commenters, however, confirmed that the kid’s ass is perfectly fine.


9 thoughts on “Facebook Should Be Banned”

  1. Nothing says I’m secure in my personhood like polling a bunch of quasi-strangers about your body. Or your kid’s body.


    1. People do the craziest stuff. One lady polled FB on whether she should get divorced. The poll was overwhelmingly in favor, so she moved out and is now posting updates about the process. These are regular, no-name people, so she’s not making money on this.


      1. I think it is more like 15 years younger, 20 at the outside. I have never been photogenic at all – pictures in which I look good are real flukes!


  2. But that’s like “Which hair color?” not “Is my hair bad?”

    And you’re a fully formed adult who can discern how to weight people’s opinions. The kid isn’t.

    It’s one thing to subject yourself to “hot or not”, but a kid?

    “I polled everyone and they said you’re fat. Not fat. Also your face is weird. Everyone says.”


    1. Yeah, things like, “what do you think, this dress or that?”, on your own page, as opposed to the town’s discussion board, is very normal. But “let’s vote on whether an underage kid has a fat ass,” that’s how eating disorders begin.

      I’m stunned that a grown woman can’t relate to the suffering caused by strangers discussing your figure and judging if you are fat. How’d she like it if her husband posted her photo in a bikini and let everyone vote? I’m guessing she’s slaughter the husband and a female jury would find her not guilty.


  3. “My 11-year-old daughter [first and last name] is horribly bullied”
    I’m not sure if I…. believe the writer? It smells to me more like a facebook version of Munchausen by Proxy – dramatizing non-existent problems for attention and pats on the head (which might actually be worse when I think about it.


    1. Wow, Cliff Arroyo. Turns out you were right. This is a small town, you can’t keep up a charade for long, and it’s now been established that the girl was never bullied.

      The mom had had to apologize to the girl she accused. I don’t know what she was counting on. It was bound to come out because the school principal and the teachers all are in this FB group because why wouldn’t they be.

      You are good.


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