I’ve been happily avoiding the idiocy of the Barr hearings because the only people who care are… how do I put it? Not altogether there.

It was going great until I came to the salon for a pedicure and the pedicurist subjected me to a barrage of, “Can you believe he didn’t even show up!” I thought she was talking about the barber who does tend to be a bit flaky but when she started using words like “unconstitutional” and “impeachment,” I realized I was trapped.

I find it absolutely incomprehensible how anybody can possibly care about something so inane. I don’t get it. People freak me out.


14 thoughts on “Trapped”

  1. Interesting comment re Ze’s voters:

    // Немного пообщавшись с теми, кто голосовал за Зеленского, пришёл к парадоксальному для себя выводу, что они ничего от него и не хотели. Эти люди отдавали свой голос словно лайк, как голосовали бы на Евровидении или каких-нибудь “танцях з зірками”. Дескать, есть симпатичный мальчик, его жалко, пускай суперприз достанется ему. Ещё и злой дядька пожилой на дебатах накричал. Пускай у артиста будет праздник.

    Те же, кто голосовал с ощущением, что не приз вручает, а ключи доверяет от собственной квартиры наемному прорабу или нянечке, не хотели этого мутного типочка, поющего куплеты по ресторанам, и на пушечный выстрел.

    Собственно, провал в том, что нариду не внушили как следует: должность президента – это не приз и не награда, а приём человека на работу с допуском в дом и в собственный банковский счёт.

    Ukraine is at war but people somehow vote for a President as if for a comedy show competitor?

    I think this comment summarized it in a very accessible, simple fashion and may be could’ve influenced quite a few voters both in Ukraine and in Western countries.

    “приём человека на работу с допуском в дом и в собственный банковский счёт” – Loved this part. Sometimes things are very basic, but people just don’t phrase them which enables ignoring the facts.


    1. Did you hear he’s starting an FB contest for the position of his spokesman? It made the morning news in Spain. Even Spain is laughing out loud. I’m so embarrassed.

      People say, “it’s just like Trump” but the US has a 250-year-old democracy. And it hasn’t had an invasion of its territory since forever. Ukraine is at war and it’s democracy is 5 minutes old. Ukraine can’t afford a Trump. And it definitely can’t afford Ze. I’m so sad.

      Thank you for letting me talk about it. Nobody else cares.


  2. “The pedicurist subjected me to a barrage of, “Can you believe he didn’t even show up!'”

    Did the gabby pedicurist tell you how the idiot congressman from my home state brought a ceramic rooster and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken to today’s hearing? He sat down in the empty chair reserved for Barr and then tried to pass out fried chicken to the other representatives, telling them, “Chicken Barr is here now!”

    Senator Nancy Pelosi later announced to the press that “The Attorney General committed a CRIME [by lying in his testimony yesterday]!”

    You gotta love the Democrats! Since winning back the House, the Democrats already in power are doing as much to get Trump re-elected as all the morons currently campaigning for President. 🙂 🙂


      1. “Is the part about chicken true??”

        Would I lie to you? The fool even needs a haircut worse than I do!


          1. “What was he trying to do?”

            He was trying to “out-Trump” Trump by ridiculing Barr in an outlandish manner ala Trump’s over-the-top tweets and behavior.

            The Democrats should have learned by now that they aren’t going to beat Trump by dropping down to his level and wrestling with him in the mud. Still, it’s very entertaining to watch them try.

            Did the video on Tucker show the part where the congressman tried to hand a drumstick to a horrified black congresswoman?


            1. Oh God. I never thought it could get any worse. No, the drumstick part wasn’t there.

              Clowning around wouldn’t beat Trump, I agree. But what would? Ukrainians are handing over dirt on Biden by the bucketful, and I don’t blame them.


              1. “Ukrainians are handing over dirt on Biden.”

                Well, I certainly hope that Biden goes down in the primary election! I agree with the “realistic” liberal pundits that he’s the only Democratic candidate who has any hope of getting the nomination who could possibly beat Trump in 2020.

                Bernie, Warren, or Beto?? Trump won’t even have to campaign!


              2. “Bernie could do it.”

                Nah! He won’t get the black turnout, or the many still-bitter Hillary BFFs like Melissa McEwan, or the necessary independent voters scared off by his ridiculous “socialism.” And if Bernie gets the nomination, Starbucks billionaire Howard Schultz is sure to run third-party and take five Democratic votes for every disaffected Republican that he steals.

                If Bernie gets the nomination, the race is over.


    1. “Senator Nancy Pelosi…”

      Obviously, I meant “Speaker Pelosi” — guess I shouldn’t start commenting this early in the evening, before I’m fully awake.


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