Sales People

I swear, I’ll soon make more in my online store than I do in my job.

Many people in my department do sales on the side. They sell antiques, jewelry, essential oils, cooking supplies, all kinds of things. I specialize in welding equipment and gadgets.

It’s not that we are poor, although our salaries are a bit pathetic, but it’s just fun. The downside is that my house is filled with boxes because the stuff I sell tends to be bulky.


2 thoughts on “Sales People”

  1. Ha ha, I’d never have guessed! And selling stuff online is as far from the idea of fun for me as possibly could be. I tremble at the idea of running a business of any sort, even a lemonade stand. 😀


    1. I used to, as well, but there’s something magical about finding a wad of cash under the door mat every few days. Sometimes, I can’t avoid meeting the customers but that turned out to be quite fun, too.


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