The One-Party System

California moves to keep Trump off 2020 primary ballot

The whole point of the incessant screeching about “babies in cages” is precisely this. Once you create a de facto one-party system, you’ll never have to hear from anybody else or even acknowledge their existence. Then, our political space will be all about debating who said more unwoke things in 1983.

Even the ultra-super-duper-progressives are shocked, and with good reason.


4 thoughts on “The One-Party System”

  1. This is just absurd grandstanding by the Democrats. Over 20 states are currently attempting (or threatening) to pass laws making release of income tax reports a requirement for being on their ballots.

    BOTTOM LINE: This is clearly unconstitutional, and the states know it. Federal law prohibits individual states from adding requirements for candidates running for national office.

    So the idiots are making a big show for nothing!


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