American People Are Smart

Nearly two out of three voters say Democrats should not initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump and a majority say it’s time to turn the page on the Russia investigation, according to a new poll. . . Sixty-four percent of voters said Democrats should accept Mueller’s findings and move on without launching any new Russia probes, though 61 percent said they support a special counsel being appointed to investigate the origins of the FBI’s probe into the Trump campaign. Fifty-five percent said they believe bias played a role in the FBI launching its investigation into contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

But who cares? Let’s start an investigation into whether Mueller failed to produce the desired results because he’s a Russian spy. Has he been to Prague or anything?


7 thoughts on “American People Are Smart”

  1. According to recent polls, Americans also:

    Support adding a citizenship question to the census

    Oppose making all public colleges free to attend

    Oppose student loan debt forgiveness paid for with a tax on wealthy invidivuals


  2. What is interesting in the Mueller investigation isn’t the Russian election meddling or whatever it was or wasn’t, it’s the general corruption. Notice how many indictments, etc.


    1. Indictments for procedural infractions committed during the investigation. Or some boring tax-related crap. Super interesting. Let’s spend the next five million years talking about these crimes of the century.


      1. “Indictments for procedural infractions committed during the investigation”

        Exactly, no human being on the planet can avoid infractions when faced with that kind of investigation – they’re part of the way the investigations are constructed. It’s like the old Polish expression – there’s always a hook (where the hook means ‘something the government can hold against a citizen’).


        1. The real corruption is that we were blatantly and shamelessly lied to by the media for two years just to get ratings. And nobody was fired or disciplined in any way.


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