So. Anybody heard of the Ebola outbreak in the Congo? It’s a pretty bad one. It’s not the first and obviously not the last.

Still no interest in the wall? Yes, dying of Ebola is so much better than changing your mind.


3 thoughts on “Ebola”

  1. We just voted down mosquito abatement so will have West Nile virus this summer, added to the measles since we don’t vaccinate any more. I am of course vaccinated against yellow fever because of travel but I am sure I will need that here soon. Your wall is not going to stop diseases from traveling…


    1. I believe it’s less about guilt than fear that the genocide would repeat itself. There are many places in the world where all that’s preventing a genocide is a murderous dictatorship. Look at Iraq, for instance.

      By African standards, Rwanda is not doing that bad. Things could be much worse. And will, in all probability, be worse once Kagame goes away.


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