If Only

If only they wore MAGA hats and could be used to virtue-signal on Twitter. Otherwise, nobody will give a crap about what’s being done to these kids.


5 thoughts on “If Only”

  1. This evening we in Israel have “Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism” which will last till tomorrow evening when Independence Day will start and celebrations will begin. I heard in America Memorial Day (?) is kind of a celebration, but here it is anything but.

    Btw, the last few days were quite hot, one day brought us more than 300 rockets from Gaza, looking on newspaper cover (which I cannot find online to show you) like Independence Day fireworks coming a little too early. Unfortunately, this real fire brought us “Tragedy strikes twice: IDF widow loses second partner to Gaza missile” with several other killed people. Even the blogger you mentioned wrote about us:

    “Другая точка зрения” (c)

    On another topic, this year’s Eurovision is in Israel, in Tel-Aviv instead our capital Jerusalem because religious Jews are protesting against the desecration of Shabbat the contest will bring. The contest itself begins after the end of Shabbat, but the final rehearsals are on Shabbat.

    In Tel Aviv, Eurovision songfest braces for pro-Palestinian boycott protests
    Israeli organizers say there might be an attempt by activists of the BDS movement , who’ve been urging artists and broadcasters to withdraw from the event, to stage a protest on live TV against ‘Israel’s propaganda machine’



  2. Btw, have you read Sergey Glazyev’s fantasies :

    “I don’t rule out, for example, the possibility of a mass movement into southeast Ukrainian land ‘cleansed’ of the Russian population by the inhabitants of the Promised Land tired of permanent war in the Middle East,” Glazyev wrote.

    It is kind of funny. I am from Donbass and, in spite of 300 rockets, no one would pay me enough to move back to that place. Those inhabitants of the Promised Land must be Arabs from Gaza.


      1. // He’s totally crazy. The Donbass you left was horrible but it was paradise compared to what’s been done to it.

        I know. The town I was born in does not exist anymore. It has been officially (re)designated as поселок городского типа. Only 2 flats do not stand empty in our former подъезд.


  3. Не отличишь парада от маскарада,
    на гимнастерке каждого гада ордена из фольги.
    Долг выполнен. Ныне пора рассчитываться за долги.
    Звучит канонада – а кому оно нада!



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