Vacation Over

OK, so I tried being on vacation for one day, and it sucked bullets. I got myself depressed. If I do this for a week, I’ll have to be medicated. I was so down I couldn’t even find energy to put on a bra when I went to pick Klara up at school.

I’m ending the vacation and returning to work. I’m planning to do a writing marathon tomorrow to get me out of this funk.

I now understand why my retired friend is down in the dumps.


8 thoughts on “Vacation Over”

  1. “I now understand why my retired friend is down in the dumps.”

    Are you kidding?? As of this evening, I’ve been retired 7,797 days and 11 hours and 18 minutes (Yes, I counted


  2. The goal on a vacation like this isn’t to not do anything. It’s to do things you don’t usually do. Your unusual challenge could help with this, especially if you did things with Klara — it’s about new adventures, or just about things you don’t often get to do. TBH, my mom has already said that when she retires, she’s still going to work. Just not doing exactly the same things for the exact same hours.

    At the same time, I wouldn’t force it. If you’ve got the itch to write, you can always work adventures into your schedule.


    1. My unusual thing was supposed to be not doing research for a week and not making to-do lists. 🙂 But I’m going to stick to less radical adventures from now on.


      1. You could always try not working after X amount of time, and only making to-do lists during that time. That way you’re scratching your writing itch while still giving yourself a bit of a break.


  3. Idleness during summer break always sends me straight into a downward spiral of depression. It took me a long time to figure it out, but the best thing I can do during breaks is head to my office at the usual time and tackle things I don’t ordinarily have time for. If I stay at home on a weekday, I need to tackle a project around the house. I can only indulge in extended idleness if I am away at a beach or a mountain cabin or some place like that.


  4. Your retired colleague is down in the dumps because his organizing principle in his life was his career and now that it’s over what does he do?


    1. Yes, it’s true, she never had much else. Isn’t it true for all working people, though? You learn to wake up because you are expected to be someplace. But if nobody expects you any more, what do you do? She’s not religious, not sporty, doesn’t have a wide circle. We try to invite her out but she rarely shows up. It looks like depression to me. It’s very sad.


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