Rainbow Popsicles

My favorite recent purchase was a home popsicle maker kit. Here is a beautiful one I made that Klara loves:

What I hate about store-bought treats is the artificial coloring. My popsicles, though, have nothing in them but fruit and veg. I can give them to Klara and not feel guilty.

This one has blueberry in the top layer, pineapple, raspberry, and carrot. You can add a bit of honey if it’s not sweet enough for you, or some yoghurt or kefir for a more ice-creamy taste.

Maybe everybody already knew about this but I only now discovered it and it’s making me happy.

Female Support

10,375 women have made individual donations to Trump in the first quarter of 2019. The second on the list is Kamala Harris with 3,850 women donating to her campaign. Bernie is right after Harris with 3,271 female donors.

The average donation to the Trump campaign from these female voters was $141. Harris’s female supporters donated on average $935. Gillibrand has the richest female supporters who donated $1,321 but there are only 960 of them.

The difference is all the more striking given that Trump doesn’t have primary challengers.

I’m guessing women saw their child tax credits and were impressed. It’s a mystery why, among all his wild promises, Bernie isn’t saying the magic phrase “I will double the currently existing child tax credit.” That’s a guaranteed winner.

Every woman I know with small children liked the change in the child tax credits. When you weigh $4,000 or $6,000 or whatever people got against some ancient comments about pussies, what do you think will win?

Diversity Is Strength

Diversity as a great good is a typically neoliberal idea. The principle behind it is that more goods on display are better than fewer goods.

This is precisely why institutional enforcement of diversity is is so strictly numerical. Forty-five kinds of pasta in a store is better than one. It’s simple numbers.

It’s also why nobody ever tries to make an argument for why “diversity is our strength.” Every consumer understands without needing an argument why it’s good to have many brands of pasta available for purchase.

I know somebody who treats her circle of acquaintances on this basis. “All that’s missing is somebody Asian!” she once shared, looking at the guests at her birthday party. “Hey, can you introduce me to that Chinese woman teaching at your department?”

The party was very uncomfortable because the guests didn’t know each other and barely knew the hostess. But we would make a great display at a store selling diversity.

Quite a Character

P&T meetings with the parents of other kids last forever. But in my meeting, the teachers have nothing to say besides, “We love Klara. She’s quite a character!” After that we sit in silence because there are no other comments. I’m starting to wonder what it is that the teachers discuss at such length with other parents.

Selective Memory

I can’t retain the names of the characters in a TV series I’ve been binge-watching for three months but today I needed the page number for a quote from Liquid Love and I didn’t have the book on hand. So I remembered the page number, even though I never used this particular quote before. I checked, and the page number is correct. I’m totally like Sherlock Holmes. I only remember what I need for work. Everything else is erased without a trace.