Group Rituals

The letter from “375 former federal prosecutors” saying they’d charge Trump with obstruction of justice for a non-existent crime is like that “letter from psychiatrists” who collectively diagnosed Trump with a host of mental illnesses in absentia.

People have weird group rituals all the time but this one is too bizarre. What’s even more bizarre is to see that folks who used to be against the excesses of the prosecutorial apparatus are retweeting and reposting the meaningless letter like it’s a sacred religious text.

The only reason behind this group hysteria is the utter incapacity to change one’s mind once new evidence comes in. And the “375 former federal prosecutors” simply tap into this need to perform their group bonding ritual.

Let’s continue this way right into losing the election.


One thought on “Group Rituals”

  1. “Mob mentality” among elitists.
    No, Virginia, this mindset is not just prevalent among the “trailer park” and “ghetto” types. Anyone can be afflicted by it.


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