Thomas Bernhard

Has anybody here read Thomas Bernhard? Which of his novels do you consider the best and the most important?


5 thoughts on “Thomas Bernhard”

  1. I have read Old Masters and Concrete a long time ago and found both very impressive and interesting. I also read one about the literary prizes he received, but not sure if that was translated. I think he’s one of the writers where you can pick any novel and it will be good (and bleak and also darkly funny).


  2. In Austria, important novels are Die Ursache (ch. 2 of Gathering Evidence) and Hoelzfallen (Woodcutters or Cutting Timber – I prefer the Ewald Osers translation). Plays – Elizabeth II and Eve of Retirement. Critic books: Gitta Honegger’s “The Making of an Austrian”. He’s also got a cult following in Spain and Latin America.


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