Historical Memory

The gentleman in the old photo is my Ukrainian grandfather, a hero of World War II. The young man holding the photo is, I’m guessing, my cousin’s son. And the Colorado beetle ribbon on his chest is a family embarrassment.

I’m obviously not happy that my grandpa died but I am happy he didn’t live to see the day his memory would be exploited by these em-fuckers.


8 thoughts on “Historical Memory”

    1. Yeah… My grandfather survived Holodomor, and they are Holodomor deniers, among other things. Plus, the village where he lived his whole life has been razed the the ground and his grave desecrated by the Russian troops who use the ribbon as their symbol.


      1. “they are Holodomor deniers, among other things”

        Do they say it didn’t happen or do they say it wasn’t a big deal because a bunch of Russians also died in state-orchestrated famines too and Russians don’t whine about it… (I’ve actually seen that point made by Putinistas).


        1. Oh, it’s both. It didn’t happen and it’s no big deal if it did. Very few people died, and it wasn’t state-organized at all because Stalin is so cute, he’d never do anything bad.


  1. Slightly OT question. It looks like his name has a patronymic… are patronymics a Ukrainian thing? Or were they part of the Russification agenda? I’d always associated them with ethnic Russians alone…

    In other news, today there was a guy at a streetcar stop on my home who I assumed was Ukrainian (clothes, body language) which is nothing unusual… except his left ear was all smashed up and massively swollen (the other was normal) and then I remembered your post about guys breaking their left ears to look tough to other drivers in the insane world of post Soviet driving…


  2. В Нижем Тагиле Свердловской области на параде Победы провезли клетку с человеком в форме нацистской Германии. “Фашизм – на свалку истории!” – гласила надпись на повозке с “врагом”.

    Мужчина был одет в немецкую форму и каску вермахта. В компании с ним были две собаки бойцовых пород. Перед клеткой прошла конница, а позади шли люди в форме времен ВОВ.

    Акцию провели артисты местного цирка. В прошлом году “фашиста” вели по улице, накинув веревочную петлю на шею. Периодически “арестованного немца” били поролоновой палкой.


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