More on Trying to Lose

A great article in The Atlantic (is that liberal enough for you?) on exactly what I discussed earlier today.


6 thoughts on “More on Trying to Lose”

  1. The Atlantic is a conservative magazine. The liberal ones that I am aware of are The Nation, In These Times, The Progressive, and Mother Jones.


      1. The Atlantic is what you read when you want to appear middlebrow intellectual. It’s smart but it’s not too “out there.” It’s like NPR in that regard. You can read it and have polite dinner conversation about articles in The Atlantic with aspiring middle to upper middle class professionals without immediately raising hackles. It’s great for signalling you are a certain type of person. It is respectable.

        Or in your argot it’s “slightly lefty/slightly righty neoliberal.”

        You can’t seriously call a publication “out there progressive” if it hires a former Bush speech writer or “or out there conservative” it hires a Carter speech writer.

        If you want “righty neoliberal/Republican” The Wall Street Journal‘s opinion page will deliver.


        1. And these upper middle class neoliberal professionals are of what political persuasion? Exactly.

          All The Atlantic writes any more is “impeach Trump now” and Russia collusion forever. Progressivism is neoliberal. It’s a complete overlap.


      2. TheAtlantic might be conservative to you, but you can’t fail to realize that it’s really out-there progressive to most Americans, right?

        I don’t know, truthfully. I have not read it for some years, and most Americans also don’t read it. It was quite conservative when I last read it maybe a decade ago.


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