Ready to Lose

We are so losing this election, folks. Biden is leading with “let’s repeal Trump’s tax cuts and give free healthcare to illegal immigrants.” And Trump is gathering 12,000 of supporters at a rally in some poky little hole in Florida.

This is going to be yet another campaign where Democrats will cheerfully promise voters things that voters really, really don’t want. One has got to be deeply clueless to tell people, “I’ll take away your child tax credits to pay for illegal immigrants’ healthcare, and by the way there are almost no illegal immigrants.” Trump doesn’t even have to do anything, just play the clip of Biden saying this and go home.

The only reason to support Biden was that he is smart, experienced, and grounded in reality. But these recent pronouncements sound like he’s been getting friendly with hallucinogenic mushrooms in Denver and abandoning reality.


2 thoughts on “Ready to Lose”

  1. Biden’s plan, of course, is to repeal the egregious tax cuts for the ultra rich. No one is suggesting what you say; in fact, additional cuts for low to middle income taxpayers are part of the Democrat’s plan. Tax rates in Western Europe are sensible. Ours are ridiculously low.

    We cannot continue deficit spending for very long as we are now doing it.


    1. Is anything preventing him from saying the words “I will protect your child tax credits and make sure they stay in place”? Child tax credits are what regular people know and experience in person from Trump’s tax cuts. When people with small children hear “Trump tax cuts,” they don’t think “ah, budget deficit!” They think, “ah, it’s 4,000 I got extra in tax return this year!”


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