Unpersonned or Not?

What do you think, folks, should this Danny Baker guy be unpersonned and ejected from public life or not?

I will say from the start that I have absolutely no idea who he is and have zero feelings about him.


5 thoughts on “Unpersonned or Not?”

  1. I thought you weren’t following the activities of the British Royal family.

    He’ll be fine: I think whomever came up with that hysterical title needs some smelling salts. He can hang out with Katie Hopkins, who is doing just fine. There’s always an audience for that kind of thing.


  2. Danny Baker just lost one job, he has had, and will in the future, many other paying gigs.
    Would he have been sacked if he’d made the same joke about any other, non Royal, family? Nope.
    Does this mean the public are less racist and/or more in favour of the monarchy? Nope.
    Is the back story here that the BBC are being performatively ‘good’ for the Royals (i.e. not running stories about Prince William shagging the Marchioness of Cholmondeley) in the hope of being in favour, high up at Buckingham Palace and thus more likely to land a prize interview where William flutters his eyelashes and says ‘there were more than 2 of us in the marriage’….? Maybe?


    1. I don’t know who this fellow is, so it’s not him I’m worrying about. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t made a dumb joke at least once in life. What does this trend mean to all of us, is my question.


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