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Stoking irrational hatred towards a very small minority is a horrible thing to do.

In Ukraine, where the percentage of black people is about the same as the percentage of “Russians” in the US, if I went around constantly ranting about evil blacks who want to destroy our democracy, make us all speak their language, and freeze us all to death by sabotaging our electricity, what would that make me? How would those black people feel about me?

So I repeat, Stacy Abrams, Rachel Maddow, and all of those vicious creeps are horrible, horrible people. And what makes them particularly disgusting is that they make money by ranting against haters of immigrants. Their rank hypocrisy knows no bounds.

A Horrible Person

How is this even a remotely normal thing to say?

Abrams calls voter suppression a national security threat to the nation. “If we do not secure our democracy in 2020 … we will be having a very different conversation, potentially in Russian, in 2030.”

It’s disgusting beyond words. We all know how I feel about Russia and Putin but this is fucking inexcusable. This lady is a horrible, horrible person.

Habituation and Despoilment

A fellow who was banned from FB says:

I received no notification whatsoever from Facebook. Facebook did not even send me a stock email to tell me my page had been deleted. I found out about it by media reports. I was on Twitter trawling through my feed. I saw CNN: ‘Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos have been banned.’ I thought, ‘Oh, really?’. I checked my Facebook and my Instagram and they were still up. They were still active for about half an hour after the first media reports came out. So immediately that tells you that they had given the story to the media, to get their justification out ahead of time, so that they could own the narrative.

This is exactly the process that Zuboff describes in her book. First comes habituation and then despoilment.

But yes, I’m sure he used mean words so he’s a meanie so it serves him right. It will never happen to us because we are not meanies and, besides, Facebook is so convenient.

The first inhabitants of Bezos’s pods will be meanies like this one, and we will all cheer, blissfully unaware that a pod is already prepared for us.

Human Detritus

By the way, I stopped teaching Bauman after a student went full wokazoid on me and delivered a 20-minute presentation on Wasted Lives about how Bauman is mean and racist and thinks immigrants are trash. My attempts to explain that Bauman uses strong vocabulary precisely because he’s outraged by the relegation of many people to the ranks of human waste fell on deaf ears. It was clear that the entire group was utterly unconvinced by my arguments and agreed that if you use mean words, you must be a meanie.

After 40 minutes of “but this is such a mean thing to say!,” I gave up and moved on.

Human Waste

Bezos is telling us about the future that surveillance capitalists are preparing for us:

The world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, unveiled his sweeping vision for humanity on Thursday afternoon in a Washington D.C. ballroom. We have seen bits and pieces of Bezos’ vision to use the resources of space to save Earth and make it a garden for humans before. But this is the first time he has he stitched it together in such a comprehensive and radical narrative, starting with reusable rockets and ending with gargantuan, cylindrical habitats in space where millions of people could live.

And I can easily guess which humans will stay in the garden and which ones will be stuck in cylindrical habitats. I can also easily guess who will decide whether you deserve the garden or a pod.

And he is still hooked today, imagining up to 1 million humans living in each cylinder built from asteroid materials and other space resources. Each environment would be climate controlled, with cities, farms, mountains, or beaches. “This is Maui on its best day all year long,” Bezos said. “No rain. No earthquakes. People are going to want to live here.”

In case you haven’t had a good night’s sleep and don’t feel sharp today, this isn’t about space or about what happens 5 generations from now. The space is a metaphor. Bezos needs to place these ideas at an emotional, temporal and spatial remove as he starts introducing them. Once you get habituated to them, he’ll say, oh, by the way, no need to wait until we conquer space.

Bezos is outlining a plan for what the noted Fox News commentator Zygmunt Bauman called “human waste.”

Worthless Jews

Violent assaults against Jews are on the rise in the US, and almost half of them happen in the state of New York, particularly in Brooklyn. The most recent one was just a couple of days ago. But there are attacks in other places, too. Here is one in Williamsburg the other day. Most are caught on camera, so you can easily find videos of them. Back in December, there were a few really bad ones, with a small kid getting assaulted.

If an assailant hits a random Jew in the street, yelling, “you, filthy Jew!”, that’s the definition of a hate crime. But this gets zero coverage in comparison with the Jussie Smollett saga because the really uncomfortable part of this story is that the assailants are not white. So the attacks can’t be blamed on Trump. If there were any chance at all of somehow making this about Trump, we’d be hearing about these incidents and seeing the videos played on a loop all day long on CNN.

But since this is clearly not about Trump, fuck these Jews. Like that drowned migrant baby, they are totally worthless to the cause.