A Horrible Person

How is this even a remotely normal thing to say?

Abrams calls voter suppression a national security threat to the nation. “If we do not secure our democracy in 2020 … we will be having a very different conversation, potentially in Russian, in 2030.”

It’s disgusting beyond words. We all know how I feel about Russia and Putin but this is fucking inexcusable. This lady is a horrible, horrible person.


6 thoughts on “A Horrible Person”

  1. Response to A Horrible Person

    Abrams is using hyperbole, certainly. That does not make her a horrible person. Voter suppression is extremely dangerous to a republic. But there is systemic voter suppression and has been for well over a century. It has led to where we are now.


    1. What you are doing is very much like a white person telling a black person that what she deems racist isn’t.

      I’m a Russian-speaker. This lady is stoking hatred towards people like me for no reason whatsoever. It makes me feel scared. I belong to a very small minority in this country that’s easily identifiable by our accents and names. Can you understand that? The round-the-clock fear-mongering about Russians scares me. Because some crazy person will listen to it and decide to go beat up the first “Russian” he sees, and that might be me or somebody in my family.


  2. I’m so angry since 2 days ago, when the lesbian leader of the social democrat party (Québec Solidaire) in Québec pretended that wearing a hijab is a choice like homosexuality, and now this racist dirtbag.

    What the hell is going on in the Left?


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