Habituation and Despoilment

A fellow who was banned from FB says:

I received no notification whatsoever from Facebook. Facebook did not even send me a stock email to tell me my page had been deleted. I found out about it by media reports. I was on Twitter trawling through my feed. I saw CNN: ‘Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos have been banned.’ I thought, ‘Oh, really?’. I checked my Facebook and my Instagram and they were still up. They were still active for about half an hour after the first media reports came out. So immediately that tells you that they had given the story to the media, to get their justification out ahead of time, so that they could own the narrative.

This is exactly the process that Zuboff describes in her book. First comes habituation and then despoilment.

But yes, I’m sure he used mean words so he’s a meanie so it serves him right. It will never happen to us because we are not meanies and, besides, Facebook is so convenient.

The first inhabitants of Bezos’s pods will be meanies like this one, and we will all cheer, blissfully unaware that a pod is already prepared for us.


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