Worthless Jews

Violent assaults against Jews are on the rise in the US, and almost half of them happen in the state of New York, particularly in Brooklyn. The most recent one was just a couple of days ago. But there are attacks in other places, too. Here is one in Williamsburg the other day. Most are caught on camera, so you can easily find videos of them. Back in December, there were a few really bad ones, with a small kid getting assaulted.

If an assailant hits a random Jew in the street, yelling, “you, filthy Jew!”, that’s the definition of a hate crime. But this gets zero coverage in comparison with the Jussie Smollett saga because the really uncomfortable part of this story is that the assailants are not white. So the attacks can’t be blamed on Trump. If there were any chance at all of somehow making this about Trump, we’d be hearing about these incidents and seeing the videos played on a loop all day long on CNN.

But since this is clearly not about Trump, fuck these Jews. Like that drowned migrant baby, they are totally worthless to the cause.


8 thoughts on “Worthless Jews”

  1. Why are so many bigots wasting their time and efforts on the “Jews” when there are homeless people, “sex offenders”, and just all-around poor and impoverished they can persecute as ideal scapegoats for all the problems society is just too lazy and greedy to address?


  2. \ the really uncomfortable part of this story is that the assailants are not white

    What do you mean? Arab or African-American, or half-half?

    If Arab, as an Israeli Jew, I simply expect it like “a dog bites man” kind of regular thing.


        1. “What does race or ancestry have to do with it?”

          When latino or black assailants harass Jews it embarrasses the establishment media – who are always on the lookout for Wolfe’s Great White Defendent… It’s why the NYT (IIRC) can write long articles about the rise of anti-semitism in Europe without mentioning the source of almost all violence against European Jews (Muslim migrants and their descendants).


          1. There is profound racism at the root of this approach. If you can only see black people as poor, pathetic victims and never as evil offenders, that’s racism. The moment you accept the full humanity of non-white folks, it stops being so confusing and uncomfortable.


        2. See? Tal is not a racist. Human beings are often total dicks. And often they are wonderful beings. Or just regular folks. If only our media chatterers shared this approach.


  3. \ Violent assaults against Jews are on the rise in the US

    Not only in the US:

    Anti-Semitic attacks spike worldwide, killing most Jews in decades
    Tel Aviv University researchers say assaults targeting Jews rose 13% in 2018, with Germany recording an unprecedented in recent years 70% increase in anti-Semitic violence; ‘Anti-Semitism has become mainstream and accepted by civil society’

    In addition to the shooting attacks, assaults and vandalism, Kantor also noted the increased anti-Semitic vitriol online and in newspapers, including a recent anti-Semitic cartoon that appeared in The New York Times’ international edition. It depicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog wearing a Star of David collar and leading a blind and skullcap-wearing President Donald Trump.



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