The Sims Scandal

But beyond criticisms of Sims’s tone, his tactics run counter to the desires of providers: Many health-care centers offering abortion services don’t actually want their supporters pushing back against protesters, a practice they see as counterproductive to patient safety.

This is a great point. To the women coming to the clinic, an angry, screeching guy doesn’t look helpful. He’s adding to an already fraught atmosphere.

Sims is a disgusting, self-aggrandizing poseur who tried to get social media likes without any concern for the women who come to the clinic in an already sad and desperate situation. Plus, filming outside a clinic is cruel. If he cared about these women, he wouldn’t do any of it.


4 thoughts on “The Sims Scandal”

  1. Filming them? I don’t know who this guy is but that shouldn’t be done, obviously.

    There are clinic defenders who are discreet ushers, walking with patients through crowds of anti-abortion harassers, so they can get in. I’ve met people who believed in counter-protest, yes, and I see the point — sometimes. But.


    1. He was filming himself but it’s still intimidating to women seeking abortions. They will fear being caught on camera accidentally.

      Ushers are important, they do great work. But this guy wasn’t helping.


  2. Brian Sims is a Pennsylvania state congressman who should at the very least be censored by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

    I hope the contemptible bully gets sued. He’s also broken at least one law (it’s a federal crime to harass peaceful protesters under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997), and possibly a second one, if doxxing is currently a crime in Pennsylvania.


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